Day 1. 1 Month and 29 days.

Hello sweet friends! I’m sure you’re wondering what this blog is about. Well my name is Crissy Cano and the other person who will be writing on this blog is Melissa Williams. God has called us to serve him in Africa this summer and we will be using this blog as an outlet for updates, donation requests or just to talk about what God’s doing in preparation for this trip.

Here is a little background on how this happened. Well back in August me and Melissa pledged a christian sorority here at A&M called Sigma Phi Lambda (Phi Lamb from now on). And in Phi Lamb we have to do these things called “sigs”. Pretty much one-on-ones with 12 pledges and 12 actives just to help you get to know girls in the sorority. Well me and Melissa’s was at good ole Taco C and ended up being like 2 hours long? Haha. Come to find out Jesus had been planning this meeting for a while, our beliefs aligned perfectly. Christ was definitely ordaining this friendship. From then on, we saw each other/ hung out pretty regularly, we were in the same Small Group for our pledge class and also did Songfest together…haha. This semester we have been going to this thing called Breakaway here at A&M, it’s a HUGE bible study that about 7,000 aggies attend every week to worship God and here his word. Me and Melissa and a group of our friends try to always go together. Well a week ago (literally a week ago today), me and Melissa were on our way and she starts telling me about how she’s going to Africa this summer and of course my first thought is…I’m jealous. Haha. Then she proceeds to tell me that she is supposed to bring someone with her and her dad wants to bless up by helping us with the trip and all this stuff. Then the obvious question, oh well who are you taking? “Well…I’ve been praying alot and I was wondering if that was something you’d be interested in?” She tells me and I TRY not to jump out of the car before shouting YES!!!!!! haha. That night I literally couldn’t sleep I was so excited and God had really put on my heart to serve Him all summer and I definitely think this is part of what He has for me and Melissa to serve together. So that brings us to now. Each of us still have about $1500 left to raise for the trip and for shots (OUCH!) but we will be having lots of profit shares here in college station at ALL of your favorite places, spoons – muldoons – fuddruckers – things like that! So if you are broke like many of us, we would just appreciate your prayers…actually we would like prayers more than anything! Thank you for reading the novel I just wrote and thank you for supporting us, Love you all!

“I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.” Galatians 2:20



One thought on “Day 1. 1 Month and 29 days.

  1. Crissy, what exactly are you two going to be doing in Africa? Are you going there through an organization or just on your own? Love you and I am so excited for both of you! -Amanda Spaw

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