1 month and 20 days

So now that I have a day to breath after being so busy, I thought I would actually give the details of this amazing opportunity Crissy and I have been given!

First of all, as Crissy said, we met through the sorority we joined in the fall semester and ever since have just clicked. I have never in my life met someone I can so openly talk to about my faith and journey to come to know Christ and am so thankful for not only meeting her but developing an amazing friendship with her this past year. I have been dreaming of this chance to travel to Africa since junior year of high school and I cannot think of a better person to go with or a better team to be a part!

Our trip begins Friday June 4th and we will be returning to the great state of Texas on the 17th. Two whole weeks to truly serve and live for the glory of His name, I cannot think of anything better! We will be flying into Nairobi, Kenya and will be stationed there until the following Friday, then will be traveling to Jinja, Uganda! While we are there we will be serving in a variety of ways from working in children’s day camps to humanitarian services and even building projects. While in Jinja, all of our activities will be centered on the bordering village of Wakisi, serving the people by throwing an equivalent to a block party and working with the children who live there as well as the women.

All of this is still surreal to me even as I type this. We cannot thank the Metropolitan Baptist Church enough for this incredible opportunity and are astounded by the plans in store for us that only He could have made. I believe in the last two weeks I have mentioned my trip Africa in one way or another in every conversation I have had and it still feels like such a dream I could only assemble in my imagination, but it’s actually happening! Every time Crissy and I talk we are overcome with such a joyfulness that only God could provide, and excitement for what He has in store for us as we humbly serve Him with all that we have. Our lives will be radically changed by this trip as we encounter things one cannot possible prepare themselves for, and we could not be more ecstatic. The words of encouragement that I have been receiving has been incredible and the interest donating unbelievable! Thank you for all of your support and blessings, you all are so amazing!

With love,


“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of thinks not seen.” Hebrews 11:1


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