17 days.

Well I am so sorry we have not kept up with this blog as well as we should have or that I have not posted as recently as Melissa has!

I’m listening to God right now and all He is telling me is to be real…or maybe even raw is a better word. This semester was by far the MOST intense semester that I have ever survived..I say survived because that’s exactly what I did. In no ways am I boasting about anything I did because everything I did was because of Christ, in my opinion I almost feel like a failure..which is okay because that’s when we’re at our best to be used…when we’re at our worst. So I’m gonna be honest, I haven’t sought the Lord in all my decisions, I haven’t served Him in every single moment but I am coming to terms with myself that He is and always has been the Lord of my life and it is not my job to serve anyone or anything but Him. It’s weird how we have to fall PRETTY HARD to realize just who needs to catch us. Anyways…Africa is 17 days away and I honestly have no idea if I’m ready but I know that I will be spending the next 17 days so immersed with my Jesus that I can’t think about anything else…I need to apologize to Christ for not being as diligent as I should have, and I guess you all get to see that too.

Now to the good and stressful news. God has blessed me with the most amazing friend in the entire world, and that would be Melissa Williams. What her dad has done for me I truly cannot put into words how grateful I am, but recently my mom decided to resign from her job because she felt the need to join with my Dad in his company so the financial responsibility I committed to is a little bit stressful. If anyone reading this knows me(or doesn’t know me) or just feels the need, any donation would be wonderful.

Finally, I am so thankful that God loves me enough to cradle me in my time of distress and take care of me even when I don’t give Him all the love He deserves. I’m honestly in tears right now because I’m just immersed in His grace. I’m so blessed that He is letting me serve Him in Africa and I can’t wait to see what He has for not only these 2 weeks but the rest of my summer.

Sorry for the novel! Haha

A sinner saved by grace,



2 thoughts on “17 days.

  1. I love you Crissy! Like I said before, you are going to love Africa šŸ™‚ I have been in Kenya for almost a week now and will be her until July 14th. God will bless you with many gifts just give everything to him and pray šŸ™‚ LOVE YOU

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