We made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So it’s currently 12:27 pm here in Nairobi, Kenya which means its like 4:30 in the afternoon in the states? I believe thats right! Well after a 9 hour flight to London…a 2 hour layover, then a 9 hour flight to Nairobi, customs and getting our visas, WE MADE IT TO NAROBI, KENYA!! We are so excited that we should probably be getting into bed but the combination of jetlag and adrenaline is making that a little difficult…but since I’m on here I might as well tell you all about our journey!

From Houston -> UK
Well…this flight was a little stressful. Haha there was a precious baby who was making use of its lung capacity and it was cramped but we got 2 meals, WHOOP!
Once we finally arrived in the UK we decided to grub and the London-Heathrow airport is HUGEEEEEEEE, so we had to go ALL over the place to find our gate. The british accents? You guys would have LOVED them, I had to control myself to not talk in them the entire way there!!

From UK-> Kenya
This trip is a little hazy for me because I slept the ENTIRE way…and watched a combination of toy story, valentines day and dear john. haha we also got some grub on that one too! gotta love international flights!!

The only major major major bummer is that my phone has decided to stop working! GAH! So once I return I will have to get everyone’s numbers from them again and this blog will be my only form of contact! Well tomorrow we’re going to church and watching a ground breaking ceremony (a new church is getting built) and then going to the market to do some shopping! You know me and Melissa cant wait for that!

Peace & Blessings!

So after 24 hours of travelling total my body is screaming at me for not being in bed, but as Crissy said the adrenaline and excitement of what is to come tomorrow is just too much. Flying not one but two 10 hour flights is just a little nerve racking I must admit, and being in three different continents in a days time is a little nuts. The people we have met and already formed great relationships with in such a short time are such blessings, man oh man I cannot say enough how great this experience will be. Tomorrow will be one spectacular day as well. We will be going to church from 10 to 1, which I am sooo anxious for because I know it will be so incredible time of worship and I only wish it could be right now, and then after we will be going to the market where I’m positive I will buy so much handmade stuff. My heart feels like it is seriously about to pound right out of my chest I am so pumped for what is to come. The Lord will be working in wonderous ways the next two weeks and I am more than ready to see what he has in store for us.

With love,


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