Day tres…its 9:25 and were already exhausted? Old women.

Hello my friends
Today it had its up and downs. When we first arrived, the children from the school immediately formed a line at least half a mile long from the entrance of Kibera to the school. It was so amazing to see the excitement of the kids to have visitors and wanted to shake our hands. They all introduced themselves to us and we even saw some of the girls we met yesterday (Shalom, Diana and Cynthia). They gave us big hugs and were very excited to see us again. We did see one girl though that we saw at church the day before, but she wasn’t in a school uniform, so we asked her why she wasn’t in school and she said “Because I don’t have school fees”. So she just stood outside the school and watched while we played with the kids. It was so sad…

We got a chance to go inside to all of the classrooms and say hello to the children! The school started in 2000 with only about 40 kids and now in 2010 they have close to 500, AMEN! It was so cool to hear the stories of Pastor Simon and his life here in Kibera, along with the formation of the school. Another thing in Nairobi is that you have to pass a test in 8th grade to see if you get to go to highschool, and even then it costs so much money to go that most of the students arent able to attend. But we got to visit 2 high schools today, one in the slum of Kibera and one about 45 minutes (walking) away. The farthest one away is a VERY nice school, one of the best in Nairobi and there are about 30 students from Kibera that attend there, thanks to sponsorships. These students have now been given the opportunity to probably attend college. We walked into a classroom of junior physics boys and they were excited to see the girls, haha they all wanted our facebook and emails…so boys are the same on all continents? Yup. haha

We also got the chance to take a tour all over Kibera…and shocking is putting it lightly, the conditions that these people live in is ridiculous and makes my life seem so out of control. There will be a ten by ten “house” and 8-10 people will sleep and live there. Some of the people even run a little shop out of there home to make money, dirt floors, dirt walls, they literally have close to nothing. Only half the people in Kibera have jobs, and it’s not like they can earn alot. I asked Jen, the teacher we met yesterday, what they do and she said “guards and people helpers”..pretty much servants. It kills me to see that some kids literally have barely a chance of getting out of there, everything costs money and there parents have close to nothing, and the little they do have they need to pay rent and buy food for the family. School is a luxury here…something people would love to be able to have, in the US, its totally the opposite, if only kids in the US understood what it meant like to not take an education for granted. Makes you think…

God definitely is doing alot of work there and the children are very thankful. And when Jesus said look to the least of these and look at the little children to find Him, well He wasn’t lying lol to say the least. It was a long and wonderful day and tomorrow we’ll get to play games with them and we can’t wait!

holla fo a dolla!
Melissa && Crissy


2 thoughts on “Day tres…its 9:25 and were already exhausted? Old women.

  1. Crissy, I'm following your journeys from here in Brussels, Belgium, and I want you to know how very proud I am of you. You are allowing God to break your heart for these children. This will be a trip you will never forget. And these kids will never forget YOU!Just wanted you to know I'm praying for you and love you!

  2. Crissy I am so proud of you. I can tell by your posts that you will never be the same after this trip. I pray for you and all the team to be safe, healthy, and to be a light shinning the love of the Lord to these children, as well as all you meet.Love you, G'Ma

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