Uganda! We’re here and have so much to tell!

Just an update, it will be me (Crissy) writing again. We are having a medical clinic the next 2 days and Melissa is counting out doses of pills for the clinicians to use.

First of all, sorry it has been 4 days since we’ve updated! We have traveled alot and have SOOOOOOOOO much to tell everyone but I will try to be compact? Haha…we shall see how this goes.

The day after we blogged we traveled about 4 hours to a safari called Sweetwater. We ate lunch in this beautiful encampment, they lunch we had there was AMAZING. We all felt too blessed to deserve such a meal. We arrived there at 2 and started our safari at around 3. I wish amazing, wonderful, ridiculous, or even beautiful could capture the majesty that we experienced out there on the safari. But none of those words even come close…we saw gazelles, impalas, water buffalo, elephants (that were literally 5 feet scared our driver), giraffes, chimps, rhinos, zebras, antelope, warthogs and guinea fowls…probably more but I can’t remember. Haha. Also, we saw the amazingness that is Mount Kenya….God’s creation is something I could marvel at for days…It really shows us how much he loves us to create something like that for us to look at. We then returned from the safari and ate dinner and decided to head to bed. The only thing that most of us mentioned, was that we really couldnt sleep because there was probably baboons on our porch…Yes, baboons. We stayed in “tents” but they had tile floors so it was very nice, the only stressful thing was that it was just kept closed by a zipper. So I kept waking up in the night staring at the zipper waiting for it to be opened by a baboon…Haha, never happened though.

The next day we woke up at 6:30 am and left for Nairobi at about 7 am and rushed and when I say rushed…I mean rushed to the Nairobi Airport to make our 12:55 plane to Uganda and we did! Barely, but we made it to Entebbe, Uganda in about an hour and then to Jinja in about 3 1/2 hours! We checked into our hotel and had dinner because we had a full day for Saturday.

Saturday we woke up, had breakfast and went straight to the prison. Alot of us were scared at first to go into a prison, especially in a 3rd world country..but as one of our team members reminded us “Perfect love casts out all fear”. Words could have never been truer, once we got inside the prison and the door locked and closed right behind us and I honestly felt so safe, weird right? As we were walking in we actually heard the prisoners singing songs of praise to our Jesus…it’s amazing to know that we serve the same God and he loves us just as much as he loves them and in the same way too…our God is just TOO GOOOOOD! We also had two of our guys bring the word for the prisoners and two guys accepted Christ! One of them was actually a muslim who had caused a great deal of trouble lately, and now we will see him in Heaven! How beautiful. After the prison we drove to Njeru to meet the ladies who sew to support themselves and just see a local village. The kids there are absolutely wonderful and love to be held and touched constantly. We walked the grounds and these people literally live in…huts. They are very small but they are a very happy people! After that we drove to the property that the church im with (Metropolitan Baptist Church) owns, they are going to build a children’s home there and a place for missionaries to stay in when they come visit. The property has the words “Elevare” lined out in flowers…meaning to Elevate, elevate people out of their circumstances into the kindgom of Christ. When I say God is with us everywhere we go and all the time, it rings so true and so abundantly. After that we went across the stress to do a crusade, sorry at this point were in Wakisi. It’s a town outside of Jinja. But we started the crusade and I learned some new dance moves from some girls there! I got down and sweaty and it was great! They taught me and I taught them…I just love how universal dance is! We then came back to count pills for the clinic and PASS OUT! Literally.

Okay now to today! We all went to 3 different churches that our missionary Whitney Hill is directly involved with. I went to the church in Njeru, the village I mentioned earlier and anyone from Grace reading this…if you guys thought we were contemporary…YOU AINT SEEN NOTHIN YET! The people of this village were dance crazy! And I loved every single minute of it! They were certainly making a joyful noise and MOVEMENT to God! We then went back to the hotel for lunch and to talk to the other team members about their experiences at churches. From what I can get, dancing is a HUGE thing here in Uganda! I love it and I wish we did it more in church!! After counting some more pills, we went to Agnes’ childrens home, Agnes is 68 and takes care of about 45 kids with the help of 2 volunteers…amazing right? They sang us about 5-7 songs and they were so beautiful!! Two little girls and a boy named Joshua really captured our hearts, we loved listening to their little voices and they were all very entertaining, especially Joshua. He was so extroverted, we decided he could be on america’s got talent! Haha. They then sold us these beads that they make out of magazines! So whoever wants presents, I got them 🙂 They are so pretty and I think out of all of us, we probably spent a good $200 at least and it really blessed the kids and caregivers! Now were back at the hotel…about to pass out once again.

God’s spirit is so overwhelming here and it’s all I can take to not cry about every 5minutes. I am so grateful to be here and I hope you all understand how mighty and wonderful our God is. He loves all of you so very much and the plan and will he has for you is truly uncontainable. Today as you have a wonderful afternoon in your beautiful houses with wonderful friends…I want you to think about the Ugandan people who live in grass huts and have dirt floors in church and are constantly praising our Jesus just because He is GOOD! Not because their lives are easy or because they have money…just because Christ is their Savior and they are thankful…really makes me contemplate my decisions. Don’t feel guilty about the life you live, that’s not how I mean…but just really look and examine how blessed you were to be born in America with what you have.

Love you all and sorry for the NOVEL! Fo reals.
Crissy and Melissa


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