First day of the clinic!

Today was the first day of our two day medical clinic in the Wakisi Village!

We got to Wakisi property at about 9:30 am and they weren’t set up yet so we had to wait for tents and supplies to be set up. Then everyone split up into groups, some to help the doctors write prescriptions, some to test for HIV, some to counsel and tell patients if they were positive for HIV or not, and some to hand out the prescriptions. And then me and another team member Beth, we entertained the children! It was long and hot but we loved it! We had to take some breaks but the kid’s energy was wonderful! They LOVED follow the leader, duck duck goose and singing songs! They really enjoyed reading Beth’s pop up books and some of the little girls could read in English! It was such a sweet time with them. The whole day took a lot out of all of us but it was good to be there and help people who might not get medicine any other way.

The part that impacted alot of us the most was passing out medicine and counseling patients who are positive for HIV/AIDS. There was at least 10 there today…and I honestly had to hold back the tears. They are so joyful and wonderful to recieve the medicine and see us…but there was a 14 year old girl who tested positive. My heart literally broke for these people. But I know that she is a daughter of the King and He has her in his arms, and that’s what got us through today. We have one more day tomorrow and will have to come with full energy!

Any of you GCC people…well Kid’s Church from back in the day people, to entertain the kids we sang “Swing Low Sweet Chariot” with Pastor Scott motions..thought you guys would enjoy that 🙂 haha

Crissy & Melissa (In spirit..shes in the room)


One thought on “First day of the clinic!

  1. Praying for you sweet girl,and all that are with you. What is the temperature there? Here it is mid 90s and very humid. But how blessed we are to have air conditioning. Blessings on you Crissy. Love,G'Ma

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