The ball is ROLLING!

Well we are 4 months out and it is CRAZY how fast this trip is going to come! With the challenges of school, my dance team, LIFE, and everything, this trip planning can get SO stressful! But thank God(literally) because He is so faitful and taking care of us every day! This blog is going to be a prayer list/list of needs so feel free to read and pray or read and donate! Thank you ALL for your thoughts and support!

-Prayer for trip!
-Donations of clothes and toys for people there!
-Financial support for the missionaries going on this trip.
-We will be having a Benefit Concert at Muldoons, a coffee shop in College Station and to make this happen we will need; donated artwork, donated craft baskets, donated items to be auctioned off, anything that could be made or put together to be sold in an auction!
-We definitely need prayer for this event as well!
-Any and all fundraising ideas would be wonderful 🙂

I will present an updated list of prayer requests and needs whenever they come up!

Once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Crissy Cano && the rest of the Kenya Team


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