Today is May 3rd which means we leave a month from today for Kenya!!

I am obviously freaking out to go back to such a beautiful face. The Lord is seriously ALL over this trip. Every moment that I have wanted to stress about money or something not being provided, God seriously ROCKS my world and provides to the max. If there was any question on whether I should go this year, it’s thrown out the window because the Lord keeps confirming it in my life and everyone else’s. I am so excited about experiencing this with all new people and going all new places.

Although I am pretty close to my goal, I am not there yet and I know that Morgan, Megan and Michael haven’t made it to their goals either so if you would like to join with us in prayer or financially, we would be SO thankful!

To help us monetarily you can send a check, email me for the address; renee22000@hotmail.com
Or you can buy a t-shirt for $20!
They have this verse on them “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.” Romans 10:15
Thank you for reading, please keep us in your prayers!



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