Sweet Surrender.

In these final moments of school, I’m starting to get out of my school train of thought and onto my Kenya train of thought. I would obviously much rather think about Kenya all the time but I need to glorify God in this place where God has put me.

This past month has been….hard. My relationship with God this semester was transformed, renewed and absolutely redeemed. I got to a place with Jesus that I had never been to before and it was beautiful. In that time of intimacy with my Father, the enemy came at his strongest. So this month has been weird too. My relationships are struggling, my schoolwork is struggling and my thoughts are getting distracted with things of this world. I know that Jesus is better and that there’s more, but I got lost in things that didn’t matter.

So now I’m here. Upset with people close to me, angry with myself. Feeling like I am in some sort of funk, and then there’s this marvelous light at the end of my tunnel. A light called Kenya that is ulimately a reflection of my Jesus. He’s showing me that there’s more and that Kenya is only a small picture of it. I know that I will spend my life serving Jesus all over the world and these valleys are a sign of what’s to come. That if I don’t absolutely, wholeheartedly pursue Jesus in moments where EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is telling me not to, then I won’t pursue Him when everything is going perfectly. So today I surrender, and it’s sweet. My yoke is heavy and burden is not light but that’s what my Christ is there. He loves me in a way that no one has and no one will and He will carry me. I’m sorry it’s so long but it’s my heart. I’m ready for Kenya and I’m ready for Him.

I hope this video brings you well, it’s my lifesong at the moment.


In His ridiculous grace,


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