I cannot believe I’m here again! I am leaving for Africa in less than 2 weeks.

Excited literally does not even begin to put what I’m feeling into words. This place that I love so much, that always weighs so heavily on my heart…I get to go there again? It doesn’t make sense that I should be so lucky.

I just got off the phone with Shawn Koonce who is the founder of the Tin Roof Society, the organization that were going with and he just got me FREAKING OUT with excitement. This trip is going to be a mostly educational trip, we are going in schools and orphanages and slums to really be a light where there is none. A lot of these kids will have no future without a school system and we are so blessed that God is going to use us in that.

I am honestly standing in awe of God when I think about this trip because I am so incredibly blessed that I get to go to Kenya…again. God has absolutely provided for this trip and I know that He is going to keep doing so. He has taken care of EVERY single step and it has made my faith grow so much. I encourage you to consider coming to this beautiful place one day, it is absolutely impossible to come here and not leave changed.

To describe the love that God has for this place is impossible, His heart is so big for His children in Kenya. I know this because He has purposefully made a way for people to go and has prepared BEAUTIFUL things to happen there. My heart is literally about to jump out of my chest with excitement because it truly feels whole when I am there.

Lastly, since we will be dealing so heavily with schools there are a lot of supplies that we would love to get donated! Please let me know if you would be willing to donate and I will come pick it up! 🙂


• Compasses
• Protractors
• Pencils (please no mechanical)
• Math Flashcards (try the Target $1 Section)
• Stickers
• Posters:
o Addition/ Subtraction
o Human body
o Positive Quotes
o Cells
o Bible Verses
*If possible, have them laminated so they will last longer, VERY colorful; doesn’t
have to be big- what ever can fit in luggage.

For the Teachers: 2011 Day Planners

Thank you SO much!



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