Though I’m not worthy.

In about 30 minutes we will be 1 day and 15 hours from departure! I absolutely GIDDY about going back to Africa! This blog was originally started for the first time that I traveled to Kenya and Uganda…never in a million years did I think that I would have the opportunity to go back! But of course our Faithful Savior always has bigger and better plans than we even have for ourselves.

Anywho, I got to have a really sweet time with Jesus this evening where I just sat on my back porch and hung out, read His Word and just soaked Him in. And Ive been so caught up in being in awe of how big God is(which He is ever so big) that I forgot how small I was! I forgot to be thankful. I mean I’ve absolutely been incredibly overjoyed the way that God has provided literally EVERY SINGLE PENNY for this trip but I forgot that I am not worthy. I’m not worthy of His beautiful, encompassing love — much less His blessing to get to send His gospel to the world. YET, He is choosing me, equipping me and blessing me beyond my wildest dreams. I don’t even know how to explain a moment like that. A moment when you really understand how unworthy we really are, yet how deserving God treat us. The way He blesses my life, you would think I am so faithful always and am constantly intentionally pursuing every single thing that it means to be a follower of Christ. I mean I definitely do my best, but my best falls so incredibly short of what it would mean to receive very small blessing from our Father. But for some unimaginable reason, He chooses to treat me in a way that 1) I will never be able to earn(thank God i don’t need to) and 2) in a way I’ll never understand(good think I don’t need to do that either). I just really had such a moment of awe tonight….I’m so incredibly overjoyed that my Daddy loves me but I’m even more thankful that He loves me greater than any person on the planet when I dont deserve an ounce of it.

In the end…I know God thinks I’m worth it. And that’s so encouraging to me when I really dwell on it. I am so so so so PSYCHED for this trip and I know that our magnificent Savior is going to literally rock the world of everyone going…I. Can’t. Wait.
I just wanted to share my heart with y’all tonight!

In His infinite mercy,


One thought on “Though I’m not worthy.

  1. I love that I get to call you my best friend!!!!!!! You ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you so much!! See you in like 2 1/2 hours and then 14 days straight!!! 😀 😀 😀

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