So after one 10 hour flight, a 3 hour layover in Amsterdam, another 8 hour flight and being in airport traffic for an hour…we finally made it to our wonderful guesthouse!!

We all probably slept a little too long on the plane so tomorrow is going to come quickly but were all so excited that its gonna be hard to sleep!

It’s pretty phenomenal how quick the brain remembers, the sights, sounds and smells are all so familiar to me. It’s so weird amd crazy to be back here again! My heart just seems to be at rest when I’m here. Our guesthouse is literally right across the street from Kibera and seeing it again…even in the nighttime was absolutely mind-blowing. It almost brought me to tears just because I have such fond memories of that place. I know the people sleeping in that slum tonight are probably scared for their lives and are praying for a miracle. But I also know that they have some of the greatest joy in the entire world because they even have someone like our Father in Heaven to pray to…it’s so encouraging to be so close to people that I’ve been so far away from for an entire year!

Anyways, we have church in the morning then some bargaining at the Maasai market 🙂 we are so pumped to have our first full day in Kenya!
Keep us all in your prayers, Me, Morgan, Megan, Michael, Kendon and Josh!

In His great love,


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