You’re the God of this city.

Well our first official day of Kenya is over! It’s about 9:00 PM as I begin writing tonight’s blog and it’s embarrassing how exhausted I am this early! But hey…that’s jetlag!

Anywho! We had a pretty wonderful day today. We headed up to Kwalengare(sp?) for church at the Hope Center and right when we pulled up we were greeted by a group of young boys with big smiles on their faces for us. As we walked into church, the walls were already shaking! This church LOVED to dance! Once we got into the second song, the voices got louder and the dancing even wilder! Definitely right up me and megans alley! 🙂 the worship was absolutely wonderful. We got to sing some Kenyan songs and while we didn’t understand the words, we could sense God’s presence just as much as everyone else in the church. It was pretty beautiful. Our pastor was literally the funniest human ever, while also being extremely charismatic. He was challenging and convicting without being condemning, it was pretty phenomenal to witness that type of passion. The church was so hungry for His word and their love for our Jesus was very apparent.

After church we had a little photo session with some mischevious boys outside the church and then headed to the slum that was behind the church. It’s pretty crazy to go back into a slum expecting and knowing what it will be like. At the same time, I don’t ever want to become numb to the devastation that lives in these slums. We had two awesome tour guides, Kish amd Giant(aka Isaac) who gave us the 411 on every part of the slum. What is hard to grasp is that this is a place we were visiting for a week…but to them, well this is their life. Being thankful doesn’t even do what were feeling justice. But something that the pastor said, is that through all this pain and poverty, there is a God of this city. Bigger things have yet to come for Nairobi and all of Kenya. While speaking of this place will never give you a real picture, I hope it draws you to action. It sure does make me want to make a difference. It’s easy to feel small or get overwhelmed by a slum with upwards of a million people…I just have to cling to the fact that God is bigger. And that He’s got every precious person living in these slums on His heart. But that will also make me draw even close to their beautiful faces and hearts.

That’s all for tonight, we have an early morning!

In His overflowing grace,


2 thoughts on “You’re the God of this city.

  1. Thank you Jesus for your love and compassion flowing freely through Crissy and the team to the people of Kenya. May your grace continue to sustain them, your covering over-shadow as they follow hard after you and your will. Love you, Momma Cano 🙂

  2. Crissy G'Ma continues to pray for you, and everyone with you that has been obedient to God's call. I know the Spirit will be present everywhere you take the love of Jesus. Precious Father please cover my granddaughter with Your holy wings. Let her be a blessing to everyone she encounters. Love you,G'Ma

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