Full of rich joy.

Today was as close to perfect as I think I’ll ever get in my lifetime.

We woke up bright and early to head out to the World Hope Academy for our day filled with kids! When we arrived there, they were having an assembly and all of our hearts immediately melted. 400 precious kiddos waving at you is hard to not fall in love with. The headmaster was going over the schedule for the day while we took a million pictures of their beautiful faces. They were then released to their classrooms and we got the opportunity to visit all of the classes and introduce ourselves! Me and Morgan decided to go together and we started in class 1, which is about the equivalent to kindergarten and first grade. They range in age from around 4 to 6. Let me tell you they were energetic! They loved touching our cameras, hands and anything else that they could grab! It didn’t matter though because I promise one look into those perfect little eyes and you’ll be healed of anything you’ve got. We then decided to head up to class 2, they wre incredibly shy but throughout the day they warmed up to us! White people are always overwhelming I’m sure! Haha. Next we went to the CRAZIEST class by far! Class 3. They were absolutely ecstatic to have us visiting! We asked if any of them liked to dance and their teacher, Miss Katherine, had them ALL get up and do at least 4 or 5 songs/dances for us. It was an absolute blast because they were so uninhibited and wanted to do everything. The last class we visited was class 7, this is equivalent to 7th grade with kids that are 12 and 13 years old. They were trying to be shy at first but after some time we got to talk with a lot of them. I got to spend some sweet time with 3 girls especially, Rachel, Nelly and Catherine. Rachel wants to be a model when she grows up which made perfect sense because she’s absolutely gorgeous! Nelly wants to be a traveling doctor, she was really excited to save lives, she’s extremely smart too…so that should work out well! And Catherine wants to be a pilot! They all have big dreams, please keep them in your prayers!

After class time, me and Morgan got dominated in a game of soccer even though I did manage to score one goal! I have to be honest…I think they let me do it though. Then we got a chance to serve the school by covering books. This is one of my favorite thing about mission trips, because everyone can play with kids and not complain but when you’re with people who sit in a hot room stapling plastic to books for 2 hours and don’t say a word, it’s pretty beautiful to witness that type of humility.

We spent the last part of the day with the entire student body except for class 1 who was napping! Precious. From 2-3 PM we had rotating game stations in which mine was duck, duck, goose! My groups absolutely loved chasing each other! The very last thing we did was DANCE!!! I taught them a dance that I learned from f2b(my dance team at A&M). The dance is to fresh by tedashii, I had to change some of the moves to make it easier for them. Even though teaching 400 kids a dance at once was pretty daunting, it went very well! Even the headmaster admitted his surprise at how well the kids behaved. I saw a couple of them doing the dance on their way to class and it was PRECIOUS!

After school we headed over to Rich and Joy’s house! And boy was that house full of rich joy! Rich is a British school teacher and Joy is Kenyan. They have two beautiful daughters named Kasy(pronounced like Cassie), 2 and Abby, 4. They were the coolest little girls in the world, they had a mix of a Kenyan and British accent which was AWESOME and Abby seemed to really enjoy hanging out with us! I loved her. Joy made us a wonderful dinner with an apple cake for dessert…literally best thing of my entire life! We then did another one of my favorite things about mission trips…sat around the table and talked for hours. I absolutely LOVE learning everything about people’s lives amd people from Kenya are so genuine and open that they will answer anything you ask. Me and Joy got to have our own conversation later about why I felt called to missions and then about human video/dance ministry. She has some interns at the church that she works with who are scared to go on missions and she thinks that human videos would be really great for their ministry. I had such a sweet time talking with Joy and we definitely both left the conversation wishing it could go on longer. We already decided that I would be back next year and teach a human video to her interns! She was so encouraging it was incredible.

All in all today was a phenomenal day. Being here and having these moments just re-emphasizes to me that this is what God has made me to do. I dont find more joy than I do when I’m here. Gosh, God is good.

In His perfect love,


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