The trouble with love is….

Today was grand. I know I feel that about everyday I’m here but each day, I learn something new.

We spent all morning with the teachers at the World Hope Academy, which seemed to be a little scary at first and it ended up being one of the best experiences for all of us I think. They wanted us to help out with teaching aides and how to use them in their classrooms. The teachers were very open to our suggestions and seemed to be genuinely interested in what we were saying! We were able to give them some tips on how Americans do things in the classroom that went a long with what they were already teaching. This was definitely a stretching moment for all of us I think because even though it was fun  to get to share our ideas, it was intimidating and at times a little overwhelming. This was good for us though to be put out of comfort zone, it pushed us to really think and try to help. They definitely asked us some tough questions and I’m personally very thankful for that!

During the kids lunch break, me and Morgan decided to open up a mini nail salon on the courtyard. Girls were lining up in the 10s and 20s. It was such a sweet moment. We got to make them feel a little like the princesses that they really are. The princesses that God sees them as.

After lunch, the teachers decided that we would go teach in their classrooms. Once again, God was stretching us in such a beautiful way!  Katherine, one of the teachers pulled me aside and told me to come teach her students arithmetic! I was immediately scared because of course I didn’t want to mess things up! Instead it went incredibly well! She had me use flashcards to teach them addition. So we got them into two lines and and had a competition between each team. To say the kids loved it is an understatement. They were so passionate about getting the right answer that it made them excited about learning. I got a little taste of what being an educator in Kenya is all about and while the kids have so much energy….I think I could handle it! Maybe. I had brought a bag of candy and decided to give two pieces to the winning team and one piece to the losing team so nobody would feel left out. What I wasn’t expecting was the teachers reactions to the candy. They all wanted some too! They were incredibly blessed by the fact that they got candy! The teachers had some of the kindest hearts I had ever experienced. So grateful for such a small gift of candy. Something that we Americans eat whenever we feel like it and to these teachers it was almost a delicacy. It’s weird how handing out candy can teach you so much.

Lastly we spent some time with the students going over the dance from yesterday and then talking to the teachers. They all interviewed us about our dating lives and our ages. They found out I was single and immediately started trying to get me married off to some of the guy teachers! Watch out momma! Haha

But it’s our 3rd full day in Kenya and I’m still in love. The trouble with love is that it doesn’t care how fast you fall. I fell in love with Kenya quickly and powerfully. I’m so in love with Kenya and it breaks my heart that I’ll only be here for a week and half longer. Seems like forever but I know it will go by shortly. I have so much joy in knowing that I’ll be back! Its not even a question anymore. I’m so thankful for such a faithful Father! He spoils me with His blessings even when I don’t deserve it.

Drowning in His grace,


One thought on “The trouble with love is….

  1. Oh, Crissy, it does my heart good to read your blog and see your beautiful self loving on others that special way you do! I'm praying for you every day! You just keep falling in love! Hugs! Cackie

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