Chiza, Anne, Joy, Terry, Jen and Susan.

Today was our last day at World Hope Academy.

To say that I’m sad is an understatement.

Our morning was spent with the teachers again! This time we were able to make teaching aides or posters of pictures out of the kids textbook. We had already made about 11 this morning and the teachers were freaking out. They asked us if we had even slept the night before. You don’t realize that they don’t have a teachers tools right around the corner to visit to pick up any poster that they need. Luckily we had Megan and Michael who were our MVPs! They could absolutely draw every single thing that the teachers needed them to. The teachers even gave Megan a standing ovation and a pat on the back for her great work! While we were drawing we got to spend some more time talking to the teachers. We found out that one of them, Sarah is 8 months pregnant but she really doesn’t look bigger than 6! The women also told Josh, our leader, that men really love their wives in the states and its not like that in Africa. Then one of the other guy teachers stood up quickly and said that not all African men are like that and that he loves his wife very much!

After some tea and more poster making, we decided to start covering some more books. It was such a blessing to get to serve the teachers and school so much because they told us that these things would not happen if we were not there. It really made me appreciate all the resources that were available for me growing up!

We took a little break from being in the teachers lounge and played with the kids outside! It was a beautiful day and they were full of energy! we got some really sweet pictures from today because everyone was so warmed up to all of us that they literally FLOOD us when we come over to them. They have fights over hands and get angry if they don’t get to hold on. Boy do I feel LOVED! If this is a little piece of God’s love, I want to soak in every single minute! We decided to start painting nails again because the girls were asking about it. But first we got to paint the teachers nails! They absolutely LOVED that! You can tell that getting their nails painted was obviously not a normal occurrence for them. Jackie, one of the teachers asked me if I was a manicurist or pedicurist back in the states. HA! hardly I told her. I’m not good at painting nails at all. Sarah, the pregnant teacher also seemed to enjoy having nail polish and made sure to tell me what spots I missed. After the teachers, we went outside to paint the girls that we hadn’t gotten to yesterday. McKenna, one of the girls in Class 1, showed me her sparkly nails after school too…so it seemed like she was a fan! Easily one of my favorite parts.

For the major part of the afternoon, we covered some more books and finished posters that we hadn’t finished yet. We also took the time to take pictures with our favorite teachers and Sarah even let me get one touching her belly! The teachers thought it was hilarious how obsessed we were with Sarah and her pregnancy. We told her she could eat a big lunch because she was eating for two and the entire room started laughing! I wonder what it would be like being pregnant amd having a child in Kenya. Be praying for Sarah because she is due next month.

As the day came to a close, we finished off with dancing! My favorite! We went over fresh a few more times and then we had the students that could do it the best come up to the front and perform for us! After we went over it a few more times, the head teacher picked students from EVERY single class to come do it for everyone in the school! Talk about scary. But every single grade level did phenomenal! The first graders had some trouble but they could sing the words to me even if they didn’t know the dance and that was pretty precious in itself.

I had to say bye to Chiza, Anne, Joy, Terry, Jen and Susan along with the other 394 students at World Hope…it broke my heart in a way that I could never explain but I know God will make a way for me to come back(hopefully for longer than 2 weeks).

In extreme gratitude,


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