Lions and Elephants and Zebras….OH MY!!!

Well my blogs have been a little confusing! The one I just posted was actually from yesterday…oops! So here is todays update!

On Sunday, we went to church at Mt. Kenya Baptist and then headed out to Timau Orphanage. It is an all boys orphanage and pretty spectacular to say the least! You can see Mt. Kenya almost perfectly and the surrounding area looks like something out of the sound of music! Everything is green and lush and absolutely beautiful. Being out there makes it literally impossible for me to not believe in our maker. We decided to head in for lunch with the boys after they finished church! They them sang amd danced for us! My favorite African tradition is the way they welcome visitors. Always a blessing to try to serve and then get blessed 10 fold in return. We played 4 corners inside because it was raining and it was a HOOT! The boys(and 2 girls that joined) absolutely had a blast playing it! Susan was the older girl and seemed shy was actually really smart and almost won a few times! I got out the first time on every round! Little Claire who couldn’t have been older than 3…was laughing the entire time. She was hilarious. After the games we decided to walk the property and look at the river. Purity and Benson are the married couple who are the main caretakers of the boys and they do a phenomenal job. The boys were so well behaved but also just really kind hearted. You could see that these people were really humble servants of the Lord. I loved it.

After that we went back to the house and ate AMERICAN food of burgers, fries, broccoli, apple pie amd brownies! Nom. Nom. Nom. Thanks to Abby and Andrew for being so incredibly hospitable! The Daniels came over for dinner too and we got to talk with them most of the night! Jerry and Sherry Daniels have been missionaries for 38 YEARS to Africa! And boy was that such a blessing for me to get to hear from them and just fellowship!

Today was SUCH a cool day. We went out on safari THREE times!! We saw(are you ready for this list?!) elephants, zebras, heartbeasts, warthogs, baboons, chimps, rhinos, a blind rhino, gazelles, impalas, THREE LIONS, hyenas, water buffalos, giraffes, jackals and so much more that my camera will show later. But WOW! Our God is so extremely cool! The beautiful ways that he has shaped these creatures is so incredible…I could literally stare at them all day long. I’m so thankful that he not only created these animals but that we get to enjoy them! The elephants are by far my favorites! I just wish I could ride one! Haha but seriously….being back in Africa a lone is an answer to prayer but getting this perk is like the biggest cherry on top of the biggest Sunday in the world.

In awe of my Creator and His creation,


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