This is it.

Well it’s 5:03 PM and we are officially done with ministry and everything we came to do.

It’s so crazy being in this place. Our two weeks in Kenya are over and in 6 short hours, we will board a plane for home.

Devastated is putting it lightly.

The beautiful thing about being this heavy hearted is that it must mean that God has given me a burden for not only missions but Kenya. I have met without a doubt the most amazing people on the planet here and I know our relationship won’t end with this. But it doesn’t make the sadness any sweeter. Coming back a second time was SUCH a blessing because I never even thought I would come to Africa in the first place. God is so incredibly faithful in His love for me. I literally have been planning this trip for a YEAR and now it’s over. I never thought this day would come slash I never wanted it to.

My heart is so heavy right now….I know that’s very clear but I just can’t emphasize it enough. I am literally on the verge of tears every 5 minutes. God has done things on this trip that I never expected and I am so unbelievably grateful to the people of Kenya for showing me what it really means to follow Jesus.

I can’t write much more without crying but when I get home I promise to be an open book so you will come with me next year 🙂 thank you to everyone who helped me get here!

Hating goodbyes,


One thought on “This is it.

  1. hi crissy, How are you? I know what you feel right now..saying goodbye is really hard..i hate that too.. I wanna encourage you to "keep praying and keep moving forward" i have learn that while we're there last year and i heard that from one of missionary we met there. I understand what you feel right now,while reading your blog i'm almost crying.. I could feel how much you love africa♥♥♥ So you must "keep praying and keep moving forward" God sees your heart dear sister. I'm sure He is proud of you, you did a good job. God loves you, God Bless..

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