Being faithful in the little.

I just got back from one of the best weekends I’ve had in a while. I spent the weekend with my bestfriends in Lubbock, Texas. For me, it took 8 hours of driving to get there. Luckily most of that drive included one of my bestfriends as well. This drive gave me lots of time to think about the upcoming seasons of my life and reflecting on what God has done in the past.

Bear with me, I know this post will be long but I think it’s something that we all relate to.

Personally, I am in a constant fleshly struggle of wanting to know every detail of God’s plan for my life and wanting to know 0% of God’s plan for my life. I never get either, as I’m sure you guys can relate, but it would sometimes be nice to know some little details or know that you’re NEVER going to know. I realize that both of these ideals are very faithless in our great big God, but what can I say? I’m human.

So with wanting to know everything…this is the camp I usually hang out in. I would like to know everything that God has for my life so I can therefore make life-decisions based on that plan and just work everything out in my perfect human world. That would be great, right? Wrong. This plan completely rules out faith in the God of the universe. And honestly if God had told me that after college I would be moving to Africa when I was 16 years old…I probably wouldn’t have actually answered that call til I was about 60. So in hindsight, not knowing everything is pretty great.

And now some of you are going to think I’m weird here. Sometimes I just want to know that God is never going to reveal anything to me until the very moment that it happens. I know that sound strange but in my life, I am very black and white. I want my yes’s to be yes’s and no’s to be no’s. When trusting God with your life, sometimes that means going back on promises that your human heart decided and made. If I didn’t know ANY part of my plan, then heck, I could do whatever I wanted and not have to worry about working towards some goal. This plan also completely eliminates a need for Jesus all the time, it makes me need Him only in the moments that my life changes.

Now to where I am right now. Right now I know about 3 things for the next year and half.
-I know that I will be in Kenya during June and July.
-I know that I will finish my last year of college next may.
-I know that I will move overseas (probably to africa) after I graduate.

That is it. That’s all I know. I don’t know if I’ll go to A&M next year, I don’t know where I’ll be living next year (which includes the whole school thing), I don’t know what organization I will be moving overseas with, I basically don’t know a lot of things. And for the planner side of me, well that freaking KILLS me. For the spontaneous part of me, that makes me the happiest person alive. And for the whole me, that does tend to stress me out, I need to know where I am going to spend next year, for human purposes…like literally where will I live? With who? What city? So many things.

But amidst all the unknowing, I do know one thing 100%. I have a great big Father in Heaven who loves me and wants to succeed.

With that knowledge, I am going to be faithful in the little. Our generation is PASSIONATE and it’s beautiful. But sometimes we think that success in God’s eyes is the same as success in the world’s eyes. So we all strive to be christian speakers, pastors, worship leaders, rappers…something. Because we know God has big plans for us(and He does) but remember, that our human definition of big is not God’s definition.

Be faithful in the little. Be faithful in the person or place that is right in front of you. See where God has you TODAY. Not a year from now and not next week but TODAY. And when you do need to make a decision about next year, next month, next week, or even tomorrow, spend some serious time consulting God about it. He loves you so much and WANTS to help you and LOVES you. All you have to do is ask.

Sometimes being faithful in the little means simply praying and reading your bible…actually that’s always what it means. Always pray. Always spend time with Jesus. Always want His will for your life. Seek first the kingdom of God….and He’ll take care of everything else.

And remember, little is also in human terms. Being faithful in the little today is actually being faithful in the BIG in the Kingdom.

Choosing to be faithful in the little today,


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