The Beauty of Sacrifice

“They are brought to their knees and fall, but we rise up and stand firm.”
Psalm 20:8

Sacrifice. That’s what I’m calling this season of my life. Season is kind of a christian-y word so if you are unfamiliar with the term it basically means a part of your life that God is taking you through. Ecclesiastes 3 is one of the best pictures of seasons in the bible. As Christians, we will have many different seasons because God is not going to teach us one thing in our entire life, we will learn many things and usually it takes different situations, sometimes different situations teaching the same things (we are so stubborn) for us to learn them.

So back to Sacrifice. Entering this semester, I knew that the Lord wanted to strip away my earthly desires from me. Because honestly, I will be moving to Africa after I graduate for at least a year and then probably for forever. I can finally say in confidence (and excitement) that I am going to be a missionary. I kind of came to the conclusion that I wasn’t just going to start being a missionary when I moved to Africa but that I needed to start living as one now. Well my sacrificial life didn’t last long but then came Lent. I was really convicted to strip away the things of this world that enslave me. I am going to be very transparent here so please do not see this as boasting but confessing what I HAD to give up for Lent because it was interfering with my walk with the Lord. I am not so awesome because I’m giving up all these things, I literally HAD to do it. Be encouraged that you’re not as screwed up as me.

1) TV. I chose to give up TV because I spent more time watching TV than I did spending time with my Savior. I just couldn’t understand why fake characters were more interesting to me than the REAL person who shed His blood for me.
2) Facebook & Twitter. Most people would say that these are idols of time, which they definitely are for me but more importantly they are idols of approval. Embarrassingly, I must admit that I actually LOVE when people retweet my tweets or favorite them or reply to me telling me how great they are. And I hate posting a facebook status and not getting likes on it. This is extremely embarrassing for me but I gotta be honest with you guys. I find way too much worth in what people think of my words.
3) Fast food. When I’m having a bad day my first want is to run to food. Fast food makes that extremely easy for me. When I’m having a bad day or something disrupts my life, I should run to Jesus first, always. Food is definitely a “comforter” for me. Jesus should always be my portion and my comfort.

Those are the main things. So embarrassing but so good because even in one day I have already noticed Jesus’ faithfulness through my sacrifice.

Sacrifice is one of the best ways to bond with our Savior. He gave the ultimate sacrifice for us in death, so when we sacrifice parts of our life in order to be closer to Him, we feel a little bit of what He felt. When I say little, I mean 1/1000th but it’s still beautiful to bond with Him in that.

All of these things are also drawing me to do the thing that will ultimately revolutionize my life, prayer. Being in communion with my Savior through prayer is what will make my life different when it comes to trial. If I am always talking with Jesus, when something bad happens and I tell Him about it, it won’t feel weird or awkward. And it certainly won’t feel like I’m asking “just because I need something”. Prayer is the ultimate thing to TAKE ON for Lent. Whatever you’re giving up should lead you to be with Jesus more. If it’s some sort of food, when you want that food, pray. Spend time with the Lord and let Him remind you that you should rely on Him always. Man does not live on bread alone.

I can’t wait to live in Africa. I can’t wait to have nothing. I really can’t. I rely on so many things to give me joy and ONLY my Savior can do that. I encourage you to search your heart and find where you find your joy. If it really is only in Jesus then I commend you, you’re a baller. If not, run to Jesus. Only He can truly satisfy the desires of your heart.

When I really think about it, sacrifice seems like nothing if this gets to be my life everyday 🙂
In Him,



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