Reunited and it feels so good.

Jambo! Let me tell you how good it feels to be back in Kenya. Your mind is a funny thing you know. It remembers so much more than just what your eyes see. It remembers sounds, smells and sensations of touch. I’ve been in Kenya since Wednesday evening and staying with a family that is a friend of mine. They are Joy & Rich Lee, easily the most accommodating & loving family that I’ve ever met. I’ve been so blessed to get to share my time in Nairobi with them and their two beautiful daughters, Abigail (5) & Kasi (3). Tomorrow I leave for Naivasha to go to a children’s home, which is where I will be spending the majority of my summer. I spoke with the pastor on the phone this evening and he said that everyone was very excited to meet me. I don’t think they realize how excited I am to meet them 🙂 While I’m there I will be teaching English, leading devotionals, helping with chores and of course…DANCING! There are many girls & boys in this children’s home and my goal is that through this blog I can introduce some of them to you! Usually my blogs will be longer and more in depth but my time here so far has been adjusting to jet lag and catching up with my old friends and making new ones. I have really been blessed with a community of friends in Kenya that take care of me and make sure I’m alright. That is a blessing that I never could have imagined. Other than daily events, God has really been teaching me to let Him speak and stop trying to talk all the time. I really like to plan my life and God is reminding me that when He made the world, He was thinking of me — so maybe I should stop trying to do his job. In Him, Crissy


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