Healing through Hip Hop

So let me just explain something to you. God absolutely and without a doubt knows your heart better than you do. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you will stop fighting His will for your life.

That being said, this weekend was awesome. So, so, SO awesome. There is group called K-Krew in Kenya. Let me tell you about them. 10 years ago, the founders Moz & Njugush realized that there was no gospel music in Kenya so they decided to do something about it. They joined together rappers, djs, dancers, singers…anything and everything musical and started K-Krew. And the rest is history. Today they have a tv show with over 30 million viewers and in the past year, 24,000 people have come to Christ.

How do they get such astounding numbers? They go on what they call “missions” and spread the gospel. A typical mission runs like this, a warm up of dancing for everyone in the room (missions are usually in high schools but can really be anywhere) and then a message from maybe Njugush or Moz or whoever, this then leads to a prayer of salvation. Afterwards they feature upcoming artists around Kenya & East Africa to sing, rap and spread their music to more people. All of their music is Christ driven by the way, representing Jesus in every single lyric. So simple and so effective, why? Because they’re not trying to make the gospel glamorous, they’re trying to make the gospel known.

We got to participate in 6 of their missions this weekend. Let me rephrase. I got to dance on stage and worship Jesus through hip hop with K-Krew and hundreds of teenage kids. If you know me, you know that this is what Heaven feels like to me. If you know me, you know that I couldn’t have been happier to be with these people.

And to top it off, I became basically BFFs (haha) with all of them. I told Moz&Njugush that I would be happy joining K-Krew and being the only white person. They pretended to think I was funny.

God has made me (and you) so intricately. Sometimes I wonder if every desire and passion I have can really be used to glorify God. After this weekend, I will never question that again.

I love Kenya. I love hip hop. And I love dancing. All of those passions can glorify God at the same time and that is so incredibly cool.

What do you love? Just DO that for Jesus. Stop waiting to have the right answer or the right timing, God’s waiting for you to remember how perfectly He made you. He really wants you to know that He knows your heart better than you do and He can give you the most amazing life you could ever ask for.

In Him,


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