Capture Gratitude.

This summer has gone by swiftly and perfectly. While it has gone by way too quickly, I have experienced some of the best moments of my entire life. I took the following idea from a girl named Mandie Joy, read her story and understand why I’m so inspired by her. Anyways, the past couple weeks have been a blur – good things have happened, bad things have happened and God has been in the center of them all. I just wanted to spend a post celebrating his goodness in the little moments of my life…not just the “I held a monkey” moments. So here we go. My first ever capture gratitude.

Joyce’s smile. It always makes me happy.
Kenyan skies.
Mombasa beach. Absolutely gorgeous.
Praying before every break. I love thanking God with these kids.
Elephants. I love elephants so much.
These amazing girls spoke so much truth into my life.
Reunions! I LOVE reunions. Especially with crazy teachers.
Kenyan Best Friends. Cannot explain how Christ-centered and beautiful this friendship is. Love you to the moon & back my Jaya Awinja 🙂
Feeding a baby buffalo. I can’t explain how much I loved this moment.
Another of one of my ridiculously crazy Kenyan (okay…”American”) best friends. I’ve never laughed more with one person in my entire life.
The first picture I ever took with my orphanage kids. I had no idea how much I would fall in love with each and every one of them.
This is a small picture of my life this summer. I hope you remember to capture gratitude in the little moments of life because we can get caught up in ourselves so much that we sometimes worship creation versus worshiping the Creator.
Lastly, I am ridiculously thankful for malaria. Many of you knew what I walked through when I had it and many of you prayed fervently for me all week. I am so thankful to have overcome this disease but it really wasn’t even as bad as it could have been. People all over the continent of Africa die everyday from malaria simply because of lack of funds or lack of knowledge about the disease. My medicine costs me 5 dollars. FIVE dollars. And people die from this disease…every. single. day. I am joyful to have had this disease because now I can relate with people who have it and don’t have a warm bed, don’t have a mom to take care of them and don’t have money to provide for themselves. I had all of those things and I was still miserable. I can’t imagine those who don’t have those things. God absolutely healed me & your prayers made my life so much better but I am thankful that I wasn’t healed immediately. I am so thankful to share in something with the people in Kenya. I love all parts of this country, the beautiful parts and the hard parts.
 God is in all of them.

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