Well…….hello friends! 
I can’t believe I haven’t blogged since I got back from Kenya. Reading my blogs from this summer makes me miss that place so much and I am already planning my trip back in June. But until then…I have some very exciting news!
But here’s a little history first (it’s not long..okay it kinda is…just bear with me).
So my major is Psychology. I chose Psychology because it’s easy (sorry, psyc majors) and I don’t really like school that much. Basically, I didn’t put a lot of thought into my major. My parents said I had to have a degree so this is what I chose & I honestly didn’t think I would do anything with it. Freshman year my relationship with God struggled a lot when I turned to partying for my satisfaction instead of Him. Even though I had a lot of friends, I felt alone in my struggle with alcohol and I didn’t think anyone cared about me. 
Now, rewind to this summer, my last week in Kenya. I’m sitting with my Kenyan dad at dinner and we are talking about dreams he has for his life. Starting a high school, maybe a technical school and finally he says “I have an idea you might like.” He then begins to tell me about this idea he has for a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. There are of course centers like this in Nairobi but Nairobi is an hour and a half away from Naivasha, where I lived this summer. It is in a place called the “Great Rift Valley”, this area is full of people, most of which don’t have the means to make it to Nairobi. This center would be the only one of it’s kind in this area, people would literally come from hundreds of miles away to this place and they would be able to find help! We also already have the land so hey God, thanks for being awesome and providing…you rock.
And it all comes together…these people will need serious counseling and help as they begin a new chapter of their lives. Hello, psychology degree with lots of psychology friends who love Jesus and will help (slash I will make them). People who have struggled with something feel better confiding in someone that has also struggled with that…hello, I used to struggle with alcohol. Where will we put this big center? Oh, my Kenyan family already has a lot of property available and ready to go? That works out well.
Guys, Jesus is more faithful and big and awesome than you could ever dream/think/imagine/hope. Only HE could have worked ALL of these things out. 
My heart is to serve. My heart is for Kenya. My heart is for Jesus. All of these things come together with this project and I. AM. PUMPED. I hope you’re getting excited too because this is so freaking exciting (can I say freaking?)!!!
Here’s where you come into play. If you had any sort of response to this (even if you hated it), I’m going to ask you to do one of the following things…
1) PRAY. PRAY. PRAY. and then PRAY AGAIN! This will not happen without prayer, not even one single bit of it!
2) Support us financially! The first part of this project will be putting up the main wall, which will cost about $8,000. Woo! Big number, but I figure that God owns the cattle on a thousand hills…so I think $8,000 is in His budget.
-Send all checks/cash to: 
Crissy Cano
5545 Cranberry Drive
Fort Worth, Tx 76137


3) COME WITH US! There is no better way to see what is happening somewhere other than to SEE IT HAPPEN! We will have a team going in the beginning of June…but I will be there all month. If you want to come, please don’t let anything stop you. Kenya rocks. You’ll love it. Pinky swear.
4) PRAY! again. And follow our story as we journey through this exciting time with Jesus! Please leave your e-mail as a comment on this blog OR email me with the title “Redeemed Project 2013” and I will add you to the email list!
5) TELL YOUR CHURCH ABOUT IT! The only way that we can get projects like this going is by telling people about it cause the church is big and it’s so fun when we all get together and party. If you want me to come speak at your church or you just want info so your church can partner with us, also leave your email in a comment and let me know. I love traveling so any excuse to leave College Station and I’M THERE!
So like I said, we have $8,000 to raise, people! We serve a BIG God and I am ready to watch Him provide for this project in a FLASH! It’s fun to have faith in God and let him blow your mind. I just love that. 
The country of Kenya is like family to me. I love it, I know it and I care deeply for it. This project is so important to me because Kenya has done so much for me…I can’t help but serve Jesus here too. Okay and I’ll be honest…I JUST LOVE KENYA. I love Kenyans. I love Swahili. I love brown eyes. I love Kenyan food. I love Kenyan music. I love Kenyan school uniforms. I love Kenyan countryside. I love roasted corn that you get on the side of the road. I think you guys get it. I love that place and everything it’s got to offer.
Lastly, the dirty details of this project will get more tedious as we go but what we know so far is that we will of course need a main building but we will also need dormitories for the patients,  employee housing and a kitchen. These are just the beginning of needs for this place – we will also need help training counselors and setting up this place. I will tell you guys more as soon as I know more. But just keep these needs in mind if you want to come over and help out 🙂
Okay and actually last, BUT DEFINITELY NOT LEAST! I have left out one of the BIGGEST parts of this project. My American partner in crime for this thing! Her name is Shalee Thomas and she freaking rocks, people. It took me coming to Kenya 3 times to give God all of my heart and say that I would move there & spend my life there…Shalee? She spent two weeks in Kenya and was ready to go forever. Jealous of her faith? Yeah, get in line. Anyways, we met during her time in Kenya this year and instantly became friends. We had some incredible God spurred conversations that lead to more God spurred conversations once I got back in America and now we’ve decided to partner up. So basically she’s awesome and faithful and has the best country accent in the world. So find her on facebook, stalk her, love her, call her if you want…whatever, she’ll love it. I just had to brag on her a bit because I wouldn’t be doing this without her.
Thank you for reading this blog that is entirely too long because I am just ENTIRELY TOO EXCITED about this stinking project! Remember, leave your email so I can spam your inbox with exciting updates (just kidding, I hate spam, it tastes gross…so I won’t do that). And please be praying with us as we start this BIG journey! 
“I have swept away your offenses like a cloud,
    your sins like the morning mist.


Return to me,


    for I have redeemed you.” Isaiah 44:22
This verse will serve as the prayer for this project. Jesus loves redemption and this will be all about redemption. So thankful He redeemed us, ya know?
In his JOYOUS name,
P.S. I think it’s pretty obvious that I’m not English major, so…sorry about how many grammatical errors are in this blog.

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