20 signs that you should go to Kenya (with me)

1) your heart melted at this picture and you wanted to love/know/hug these kids immediately 
2) you love to serve 
3) you feel called to missions but haven’t had a chance to go yet 
4) you are a doctor/dentist/nurse/something medical and or medical related student/person and want to give free medical care to people who would really love it
5) you are a teacher and would love to get some out of country experience 
6) you love people 
7) you like eating good food 
8) you love 18 hour plane rides 
9) you’ve seen lion king and therefore know 6 Swahili words: Asante sana = thank you , rafiki = friend, hakuna matata = I think you guys know and Simba = lion 
10) you like to meet new people 
11) you like having dusty and dirt covered feet 
12) you love asking people for money 
13) you like to dance (Kenyans love to dance…and that’s an understatement) 
14) you love being the center of attention. When everyone else is black, white skin “kind of” stands out 15) you enjoy telling other people how much Jesus loves them 
16) you enjoy being challenged and pushed out of your comfort zone 
17) you hate cell service and wouldn’t mind losing it for two weeks 
18) you’ve never eaten goat. Because I guarantee I’ll make you try it at least once. I’m sweet like that.
19) you like chai tea
20) you think I’m great and you would just love to spend 16 days with me

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