God knows us.

On Saturday, our tiny team came to a town called Nanyuki to work with missionaries Andrew & Abby Lettsome (and baby Adalyn) that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing since 2011. The moment we got here, we felt right at home and definitely that Jesus was working here.
Today we went to church and the pastor spoke on Zaccheus. He spoke on how God sees us, God knows us, and how God needs us.
The sentence “God knows us” really resonated with me.
We’ve had an incredible week so far. We really have. The kids and teachers we encountered truly loved Jesus and taught us how to serve, and in our sickness we experienced our deep need for our Savior. But today we were reminded that God knows us.
I often forget this truth. That God knows my thoughts, my heart, my desires, my needs, and my wants. He knows that I want a way to live in Kenya. He knows that I want a husband. He knows that I desperately want a way to eat chocolate everyday and lose weight.
He knows the ugly parts of me and the beautiful parts. He knows all the things about me that other people don’t. He knows the insecurities I hide underneath. He knows my deepest fears. He knows that sometimes I doubt His will for me because I don’t know if its the best.
He also knows what makes my heart skip a beat. He knows the things that bring me joy. He knows that people and love stir something within me that I will never explain. He knows that I will always need His grace and mercy but I will want to be stubborn and think I don’t need them. And most of all, He knows my face. He knows what my laugh sounds like and He knows the way I feel when I’m content.
Maybe one of you reading this needed that reminder as well. The reminder that our Jesus sees you and meets you where you are. Zaccheus was in a tree trying to see Jesus and Jesus called to him. Jesus found him and wanted to spend time with him. That is also true of us.
Jesus wants us and yearns for us to believe that truth. He knows your desire for marriage or for children or for a career or for whatever might be on your heart. Jesus knows that desire because He placed it there.
Give those desires to Him and trust Him. He will watch over you and keep you because HE KNOWS YOU. He knows you deeper than any boyfriend, girlfriend, or best friend that you’ve ever had. He knows every inch of you because He created you.
He knows you. He loves you.
In Him,

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