Seek His Face.

Summing up this trip in one blog feels impossible but I’m going to try.
First of all, I have to say that it was my highest honor to serve along Jordyn and Shalee. Their love for Jesus taught me so much and if even 1% of their personality rubbed off on me, I would be thankful.
But what I think I learned the most this trip can be said with this verse:
“My heart says of you, ‘Seek his face!’ Your face, Lord, I will seek.”
Psalm 27:8
Kenya has always been something that my heart has sought after and it has been so relieving knowing that God has me here. I came here with a heavy heart because I just love Kenya and so much of me wants to be here. Well after these two weeks, that dream has absolutely been confirmed. I totally plan on moving here next year and working on the substance abuse rehabilitation center.
Sorry for the rabbit trail.
Anyways. Isn’t it beautiful what happens when we truly seek His face? At the bottom of our heart, that is what we truly want. All of our desires and silly things that we run after are just pictures of the ultimate need we truly have. A deep desire for Jesus. We want him.
I want Him deep down. My heart leaps when I speak with Him and my soul is constantly yearning for more time with Him.
That’s another reason why I love Kenya. When I’m here, my time with Jesus is so sweet because when I’m here, I’m in His will. This is where I experience intimacy like never before because He knows me and He seeks after me. This is where He has me, so He likes to remind me of His love during our time here.
I think that’s what Psalm 27:8 is about. Our wonderful Savior placed things in your heart that make you seek after Him. Whatever your passions are, aren’t those things more fun with Jesus? Because He gave them to you and He is glorified most when you do them to further his Kingdom.
How beautiful our Savior is. I’m just in awe of Him. I can’t believe we get to experience this life with Him.
So this trip? I learned to truly seek his face. This trip was full of getting to know Jordyn and Shalee, reunions with friends, and serving Jesus. This trip was perfect in every way, even with the sickness, God was glorified in all of it.
Thanks for your prayers and love! See you tomorrow, America.

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