What makes you happy?

Warning: this post will be cheesy before it gets meaningful…let’s all just take this journey together.

My main thought on writing this was a picture I saw that said, “What makes you happy?” And I thought to myself about that question, what things bring me joy and happiness in my life? I then thought, what if I thought about all of these things when one bad thing got in my way. If I truly meditated on the joys of my day when a negative interruption occurs, which of course it obviously will.

This really got me thinking. WHAT makes me happy? So today, I’m going to share what makes me happy about my life in order to squash all the negative that wants to poke it’s way through.

First of all, I am so HAPPY and thankful that I got to spend two weeks in Kenya this summer. I’m so thankful that I got to share it with two of my best friends and that I was able to visit a place I call home for the first time in a year.

How faithful is our God, right? This summer, I was also able to go to California with two more of my best friends and explore the countryside of Napa Valley. Let me tell you, Jesus LOVES us and it’s so evident in this place. And a little wine tasting wasn’t bad either?


This summer was filled with LOVE. I mean weddings, engagements, everything! I am so thankful for all of my best friends that are meeting the men and women of their dreams! I am even more blessed to have been apart of all the wonderful-ness.


I’ve been at school for 5 years and I have totally missed serving in my church so this summer as soon as I could, I dived right in! I was able to serve at church camp as a dorm monitor and hang out with some of the realest, funniest, craziest high school girls in the world.




The cherry on top of one of the most incredible summers of my entire life was going on a cruise with my family and one of my best friends, Jordyn. We just got to sail the Caribbean, see Mexico, and RELAX. Traveling and serving was an absolute blast this summer but it was such a relieving feeling to have no schedule.

ImageSo when I really think about my life, it’s truly impossible to not be content and it’s not really fair to Jesus. I hope this doesn’t come off as braggy or “look how great my life is.” I do work full time and I just graduated college so I had the money to pay for the trips and fun things you see above. I have an incredible job working for my parent’s company which is such a blessing, seeing as most college graduates have a hard time in the job market.

I think it’s just a good idea to capture the gratitude in your life. To sit down and look at what makes you happy. You should write it out, you should thank Jesus for it regularly. I will be thanking Jesus for this summer for the rest of my life because it really was just AWESOME.

My daily life is maybe not as exciting as a lot of days were this summer but I still have so many things to be happy about. Happy is an emotion, joy is a choice. Happiness can come and go but I can choose to be joyful and therefore find the happiness in my life. I get to work with my sister and my dad, my office environment is so chill and I know that I will always be taken care of. I have best friends who love me enough to call me out, tell me if I have a booger in my nose, and hold me if I just need to cry over a fictional character that died on television. I also have a community of people around me who love and support me daily, including my incredible family, what a blessing.

These things alone leave no room for discontent. A lot of times, we (ME!!) compare ourselves to others and then get upset because we are falling short of other people’s lives. I love social media but I think that sometimes the comparison it creates can be destructive. Use it as a connection, not a competition. This is something that I need to be reminded of daily.

“For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ.” Galatians 1:10

This verse probably sums up this post perfectly. Everything that is good in your life will bring you joy if you choose to recognize that this is YOUR life. If you look at your car and compare it to others, well then no, you probably won’t be happy about it but if you recognize that you have a car to get to work everyday and provide for your family (also a blessing) maybe you will see that differently.

Joy is a choice. Choose to be joyful and have happiness in your life, I promise it will make all the difference in the world. It will make the negative things positive and make the positive things even better.

So I challenge you to make a list of  the good things that God has done in your life and remind yourself of that when you want to be negative.

Thanks for listening,



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