When you need some grace.

Raise your hand if you hate the dentist! Are you raising your hand? I am too. If you’re not, then you probably have stupid-perfect teeth or you are in training to become a dentist. I HATE the dentist. Mostly because no matter how much I have flossed, brushed, and mouthwashed, I always get yelled at. I don’t have the best teeth, I was sick as a kid and I had braces for 10 years (not a lie, I have too many pictures to prove it). So you can see why I hate the dentist. It’s never a fun experience.

I honestly don’t mind being told that I need to floss or get a whitening kit, what I mind is the tone that they use. I mean some of those people are just dang rude! I came to the dentist which clearly means I care about teeth so you could show me a little grace when it comes to the flossing department. It’s not my number one priority, give me a break, people. Are my teeth falling out? Nope? See ya’ll in 6 months!

Sometimes I feel like I treat myself a little like the dentist treats me. When I’m struggling with a sin that I just can’t seem to overcome, I BEAT myself up about it. While I am a broken and sinful human, condemnation won’t bring me to my knees. It will bring up a whole bunch of tears, sure, but it definitely won’t bring me to Jesus.

We all struggle with something. Alcohol, swearing, drug addiction, pornography, pride, arrogance, sexual something/lust, anger, insecurity, fear, doubt, spending habits (I have zero experience in this topic ;]), gluttony (also, zero experience here guys), or the millions of other things we humans deal with…odds are you are not the only one who has been there.

For me when I struggle with sin, I automatically go to my best friend and confess to her and confess to Jesus and I’m honestly a little proud of myself when I am so open. Now if I struggle with that sin continuously, I start to become a little less open.  I keep my mouth shut, I walk away from my word, and I cocoon myself in a little hole. I don’t believe that I am worthy of God’s grace when I have so disgustingly misused it, so I don’t think anyone else thinks that I am worthy either. 

How cunning is Satan? He not only opens the doors to sin but then convinces us that we are ALONE in that sin. Gosh he is good. And it freaking makes me so mad. I KNOW BETTER. Not only do I know that God is better than the sin that I am struggling with but I know that I am not alone. I know that Jesus finds me worthy and I know that I have grace and love with those that I am accountable with.

SO…the question is WHY do we hide our sin and then in turn feel so void of the grace that Jesus promises?

I think the answer lies in two statements.

We don’t believe that Jesus’ is enough (why we sin).

We don’t believe that we are worthy enough (why we hide it).

If we truly found our hope and our fullness in Jesus, we wouldn’t turn to sin to fulfill us.

I know that for me personally, my sins are sins of comfort. When I am lonely, I sin because I don’t think that Jesus can hold my heart.

I also know those things so when I do sin again and again and AGAIN, I get mad at myself for knowing the truth and again not believing it. I then convince myself that Jesus is aggravated with me too, that He must be keeping tabs on how many times I’ve screwed up and He just can’t figure me out.

Let me say this now, I AM WRONG.

Jesus DOES see my sin and that is why He died. His blood dried up my sin-soaked shirt. His pierced hands nailed my sins to the cross. His prayers echoed truth into my sinful heart and sealed my fate. 

Please repeat the above over YOURSELF. We are healed. We have victory. We have truth. Why? Because Jesus already did it for us. He already died because (spoiler alert) HE KNEW that sin would come into this world and He gave us this little tidbit in case we forgot,

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

So all that to say, give yourself some grace. Remind yourself that our Savior has a deep and intimate love for you (Romans 5:8), that He finds you radiant (Psalm 34:5), that He calls you His chosen (1 Peter 2:9), that He calls you wonderful (Psalm 139:13-15), and that He wants to do more for you than you could ever do for yourself (Ephesians 3:20).

We all fall short and we all mess up but hiding our sin is like having a brownie when you’re on a diet and then saying “well, I messed up, I might as well eat bad for the rest of the day.” Just go run off that brownie and start fresh! Take your sin to the Father and remind yourself of His goodness and MOVE ON! Jesus does not have this for you, He has truth and hope and LIFE for you. Speaking of life, get some accountability and don’t lie to them (haha). Meet with Jesus and treat each other with grace.

Lastly, other people need grace, too. Even people who don’t love Jesus. I know, shocker. So maybe you read this post and all you could think about was that person that needs YOUR grace.

It is so easy to be thankful that grace covers our sins but not other peoples.

You need to remember that they are no worse than you, Jesus had to die for their sins but He also had to die for yours. Maybe there’s someone in your office that is always gossiping and you want to judge them – ever thought that maybe they are hiding some deep rooted insecurity? What about that one girlfriend who is ALWAYS going back to her jerk of a boyfriend – ever thought that maybe she has a vast fear of being alone and feels like she doesn’t have someone to rely on? Or maybe you have a family member who just plain doesn’t get it, they don’t get love and they don’t get mercy or they just don’t get what you’re going through – ever thought that maybe they have problems that YOU don’t understand?

Love all of them. Let your words drip with truth and leak with grace. Because when Jesus shows you grace, the best thing to do is show it to other people. 

Remember guys, grace is getting something you don’t deserve. Nobody deserves grace, all the more reason to spread it around.

Swim in grace, do not drown in condemnation today. Jesus has better for both of us.

In grace and truth,


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