10 makeup things your momma taught you wrong

Alright, let me start this out by saying that these tips are not the end all be alls of makeup. These are simply things that will make you look better, in MY opinion. If you think that my tips are stupid and that you love your makeup, then DO YOU girlfriend! Seriously. These are just things that I’ve noticed make a difference in face shape and overall look, so with that said, here we go!

Here is our beautiful model, Genna.


We’re gonna start out with my biggest rule for anyone who wears makeup or who is a human.


1) MOISTURIZER. Oh my goodness I cannot say this enough. I don’t care if you have dry, oil, or normal skin, your poor face needs moisturizer! This one from Clean & Clear pretty much makes my life worth living. Moisturizer is especially important if you wear makeup because it creates a barrier between your foundation and your skin and it also gives something for your foundation to sit on. When you apply foundation directly to your face, it seeps into your wrinkles, fine lines, and pores, essentially making your bad parts stand out more. Moisturizer not only improves skin quality but makes your makeup look better. You can see here that the texture of Genna’s skin is dramatically different and all we changed was moisturizer!


2) Neglecting your brows. These puppies frame your face and although Genna doesn’t have light eyebrows, I know a lot of you do and you need to fill them in a little bit to give your face some shape! The power of filling in brows is incredible. I used Cork from Mac for Genna’s brows but this elf brow kit also kicks some serious butt.


3) Too little/Too much eyeshadow.Β So there are two eyeshadow mistakes that most women do. The first is wearing white eyeshadow all over the lid. I understand this because I did this in highschool and thought it looked great. Unfortunately, it takes away all dimension from the eye and makes you look tired. The second is wearing too dark of eyeshadow too high on the eye and not blending. Blending is the HOLY GRAIL of makeup because it rules. You do not have to be a makeup artist to blend, you just have to have patience. You can see the difference it makes on Genna, not only does she look JUST as beautiful as the first, her eyeshadow isn’t overstated. For her eyeshadow, I used soft brown, texture, & brown script by Mac to give her some healthy definition but this palette by wet n’ wild has similar colors! You can also do a dramatic eye with blending, thisΒ is a good example of dramatic eyes that are blended out.


4) Eyeliner. Speaking of blending. Top eyeliner is a problem area for most women. I was terrified of it when I started working in the cosmetic industry. I ALWAYS used liquid and I always did a harsh line across the top of my lashes. Now I know that thick eyeliner actually makes your eyes look smaller and heavy (aka more tired). An amazing technique that I love to do is use a kohl eyeliner, I used perversion by urban decay – (or a cheaper alternative here) first. Just put that along your lashline and then grab a q-tip with some dark brown shadow on it and blend out. It helps shape your eyes and also doesn’t look too harsh. It’s soft, feminine, and I think very beautiful.

5) Bottom eyeliner. Alright. This is probably the most common mistake of every woman everywhere. Thick bottom eyeliner under the lashes. I did this for years and I couldn’t figure out why my eyes looked so dang small. Eyeliner is a powerful too but must be used for good. Like Thor. Instead of using an actual eyeliner, use a deep brown shadow and a q-tip and just go to town under there. It (again) creates a soft look and also frames the eye. You can see how much Genna’s eyes stand out in the second picture and how much bigger they look! She looks so doe-eyed and not harsh, I just love it!


6) Too much foundation in the wrong color. Liquid foundation can be a powerful and quite wonderful thing. But having the right color is extremely important. Match that baby to your neck and use a very small amount for your face. Most women have the most discoloration in the center of their face, so start their and blend out. Less is more, ladies! Genna looks overdone in the first picture and absolutely glowing in the second! This is the best foundation ever in the history of the world and it’s cheap. So hallelujah to that. I used W6 on Genna and I think it gives her a beautiful glow.

7) Too much powder. Once again, cakey is yucky. Only powder your t-zone and use a lighthand! Genna’s complexion is oily and I still don’t powder all over. NYX matte powderΒ in makes your face matte without being cakey. Use a powder brush like this one by Real Techniques and swirl it around your face. Only press it in on the super oily areas. Blending again, is key!

8) Concealer. Most people have this under control but I still see a lot of women with super bright circles under their eyes once a camera takes a flash picture of their face. You should not be applying your concealer in a circle under your eye, you want it to be a in a V shape underneath your eyes, pat in the concealer with your finger and blend out the edges. This helps shape your face and reduce the appearance of eye bags (ugh). Pro Longwear by MAC is my favorite concealer but I know it’s a little pricey, so check out this drugstore alternative.

9) Contouring. Okay we are not all Kim Kardashian, so we can not do an all out makeup look every single day. But dusting a little bronzer underneath those cheekbones can help out every single woman! You’ll notice in the first picture that Genna’s blush looks a little crazy, and that’s because we didn’t have any bronzer on! It’s important to get a matte bronzer because bronzers with shimmer will make your face look muddy. I LOVE Give Me Sun on Genna but for those penny-savers out there, this one works great as well! You want to give yourself a glow, remember that, not become a different race!


10) Lips. These little darling should not be neglected. They deserve love, too! Genna’s lips are naked in the first picture and in the second picture her whole face looks healthier just with the change of her lips! A little nudey-pink lipstick makes all the difference in the world. I used Born With It by Maybelline on Genna and I topped it off with some Flusterose by Mac. But any drugstore lipgloss will do, I just had that one in my purse.

Woah. That was a lot of information. I hope it all made sense and I hope I helped some of you ladies out!

Here are some extra tidbits that I think yall should know about!
-Wash your face at night AND in the morning. When you sleep, you get bacteria and sweat and oil all over your beautiful skin, wash that off in the morning so you can have a fresh and beautiful face!
-If you use makeup brushes, PLEASE wash them. For the love of pete, please do it for me. They will last longer and they will help your makeup look better!
-Try before you by! If you like expensive makeup like me (oops), every single makeup counter will give you a sample at the mall and at sephora. So ask for one! Never ever be pressured into buying a $40 foundation that you hate! Power to the people.

Alright beautiful ladies, that’s all I got!



8 thoughts on “10 makeup things your momma taught you wrong

  1. Great tips! I am a fellow makeup lover, but i always forget about my moisturizer! (My mom would kill me!) I am going towork on that πŸ™‚

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