There is no such thing as young.


I was having lunch with my Kenyan momma when she uttered the phrase that will cling to my heart forever, “there is no such thing as young.”

We had been talking about all that God is doing here and I was just in awe of His faithfulness in her life. How they decided to start taking in orphans when they didn’t have a
place to put them, how they left a luxurious life to live in a remote area, or how they built a big house without knowing how Jesus would fill it.

I just kept saying, “Gosh that’s incredible, people my age always have dreams like that but older people think we’re too young to accomplish them.”

And she just stopped me. She said, “You have to stop thinking like that!
If God has given you a dream, it doesn’t matter if you are 60, 25, or 15, He will follow through with it.”

That’s when the tears came. Because I am 24, being young has almost everything to do with why people question what I want to do. I’m inexperienced, I’m inadequate, or I’m just too young to trust.

So many times we are told 1 Timothy 4:11 and then when we start to pursue our dreams we are told that we’re too young to do it. Or even some of you feel like you’re too old to do something. Being “too young” or “too old” are lies from the enemy to stop us from what Jesus has for us.

So I’m 24 and I want to help build a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Kenya. I’m not alone in this dream and none of us are too young or too old. Jesus has placed this longing in our hearts and we will pursue it wholeheartedly.

So I don’t how old you are or if you have a dream but if you do, you are not too old or too young to do it.

Those words don’t exist when you serve the Father of time.

Here’s to all the dreamers,


3 thoughts on “There is no such thing as young.

  1. Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity. (I Timothy 4:12 NKJV)…….

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