Where the silence meets the solitude.

I think often we confuse the silence of our moment for the silence of our Savior.

We think that quiet breaks in our day are meant for resting and blocking out the world but when we do that we sometimes block out Jesus.

My trip to Kenya gave me many silent moments. Many moments where I was alone. Sometimes my sinfulness lead those moments to play solitaire, watch tv, or just sleep. But in the moments where myself was stripped away and I could be with Jesus freely…I learned what being still, being in His presence is truly all about.

There were many moments where I felt guilty on my trip. Especially those moments of silence. I felt like I should be pouring out all of myself 24/7 and relaxation was so selfish of me. But on my last Sunday in church, something happened – we were in worship and “Jesus at the center of it all” started being sung. As I was reflecting and thinking things like “I should have done this”, “I should have gone here”, and “I should have said this”, Jesus met me once again.

He whispered to my heart, “you have done well, my darling.”

And that’s all I needed to hear. That’s all any of us need to hear.

Busyness is wonderful. It keeps you productive and it keeps you going. But please don’t neglect the moments of silence. They are moments of your time that you can choose to rest on your own or rest with Him. Pray. For someone, anyone, maybe even yourself. If you really can’t think of anything, pray for Kenya.

In those moments of silence are where big decisions are made. In those little moments of solitude are where lives are changed.

Where your heart goes in silence will determine where your feet go in the noise.

We often think obedience to Christ means doing things but He’s not after what you can do, He’s after YOU. There’s nothing that we need to do to make Jesus happy. He died for us so we could stop trying to make him “happy.” Take rest in knowing that you don’t have to fill every moment of your day just fill yourself with Him and He will take care of the rest.

jesus at the center of itall

Resting today,


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