Kenya was incredible.

It was fun, informative, challenging, REALLY hot, dusty, silly, unpredictable, loving, tiring, joyful, and full of Jesus.

The goal for my trip was to plan for the team I’m bringing in June and honestly just be with my people. I had missed my Kenyan momma (Dorcas), my family, my friends, and my children’s home kiddos. I just needed time to recharge, reconnect, and renew.

Thank goodness for a faithful Savior because He did so much more than that.


My first trip to Kenya in 2010 was selfish at best. I went because it was paid for and I didn’t think that God could do very much. In the past 3 and 1/2 years since that trip, I can’t even comprehend how much He has done. Every time I try to list it out or tell someone, I always forget something. The relationships, the memories, and the miracles are more than I could ever count.

Over the years, I have TRIED desperately to get people to come with me. Every year 20 or so are so pumped about it and then only about 3 or 4 come and while I love those intimate trips, I really wanted to share my dream with everyone! So disappointment isn’t the right word for how I felt when people told me they couldn’t come but it isn’t the wrong word either.

Well trusting Jesus is the important part in all of this. All of those trips and all of those relationships have led up to where I am now. In June we will be taking a team to build a drug & alcohol rehabilitation center, this will literally be the only one in the Great Rift Valley and in Naivasha. We will also be working with a small school, helping the teachers with wall posters, grading, and of course, teaching (everybody needs a break, sometime!).


I’m ready for 2014 to be a year of change, a year of miracles, and year of the showing of God’s power. This trip to Kenya was the best possible way I could imagine starting 2014 and I am so ready to be there again in June with about 20 of my best friends. Watching God work through others is the best view anyone could have, and I’m so pumped to be moved and watch Him move.

So right before I left, my best friend, Genna, encouraged me to find a word for the year. It’s kind of a movement that I’m about 3 years late on but whatevs. Well after researching other people’s words (I’m a research freak) and praying, God would not let exponential leave my brain. I honestly didn’t want it to be exponential. That felt like I was trying to sound like I was going to be so awesome and huge and that’s not it.


adjective \ˌek-spə-ˈnen-chəl\

: very fast : increasingly rapid

That sounds stressful. Everything I do is planned out and incredibly methodical. I mean I am spontaneous about things that don’t really involve risk. I’ll jump into a freezing cold pool (hypothermia seems a tad bit over dramatized), I’ll do a cartweel in a mall, and I have no problem singing to strangers. This is how I make people think I’m spontaneous because I usually don’t turn down a dare.

I’ve been fooling all of you. I have to plan and to be honest, I love to plan. Jesus knows this so of course He reveals what He has for me about 5 minutes before it’s going to happen. It’s the GREATEST.

So exponential scares the crap out of me. It seems awesome and fun but also incredibly frightening.


Nonetheless, I am so ready for this 2014 journey. I’m so ready to see where God takes my work, Kenya, and my life. After being in Kenya for almost 3 weeks and just letting Jesus do the talking, I have already seen this word get so much use. From my prayers to my faith to my love for God and His people, He is growing everything exponentially.


In order to not make you read a 3,000 word blog post I will sum up what happened. I visited a rehab center and was able to get down literally every piece of information we would need to start the center (incredible). I visited the land (pictured above) that would house the rehab center (awesome). I spent time at the school we would be working at and made a plan of action and figured out what we could do while we were there. And most of all, I spent time with my people. My family, my friends, and my kids are why my heart is so invested in Kenya, Jesus has made relationships that I will be forever grateful for. I am so honored to get to share these people with some of you.


If you haven’t found your word yet, I encourage you to! It’s an incredible thing and it really gives you vision for the year without being overwhelming.

So exponential. 2014, let’s do it.

A little scared but mostly excited,


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