Best products to fight oily skin

We’ve all seen her. Heck, we’ve probably all been her at least once.

The girl who looks like she’s constantly “glistening”. The flash is not her friend and neither is hot weather.

Everyone’s skin changes over time and if you are one of the lucky few who has never experienced oily skin from acne or whatever, consider yourself blessed.

When my face gets oily, I want to punch someone. Specifically, the maker of the powder that I bought that claimed to help my oily skin!

Well, the only person to blame is myself. Oily skin coverage starts with the skin! It’s important to fight this problem long before powder.

Primer + foundation + powder + setting spray is the ultra combo to fight that evil oil!

Let’s start with primers. Primer helps our makeup last and helps create a barrier from between the skin and foundation that will make the foundation go on smoothly and last all night.


Benefit POREfessional: I could write love songs to this primer. This primer fills in pores, minimizes oilyness, and truly creates the most beautiful base for foundation. I use it on all of my oily prone clients and I could not be more in love.

MAC Natural Radiance Primer: This is a really wonderful primer for oily girls. It definitely helps makeup last but it also gives the skin a beautiful finish without being oily. Sometimes people with oily skin will try too hard to not be oily and go too matte. This primer really helps fight oil but makes the skin look beautiful.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer: This primer is from the makeup gods. Smashbox Photo Finish primer has a cult following and there’s a reason why. It does it’s freaking job. I think all foundations and smashbox primer are in a love relationship because makeup does not move when this stuff is on there. It fights oilyness like Batman fights crime.

Lancome La Base Pro: This is the most expensive of our primers but it’s also incredible. It makes the skin feel so velvelty without feeling like there was an oil spill on your face. I love this stuff.


L’oreal True Match: I use this stuff almost everyday. During the week, I don’t really like to use my expensive stuff because I mean I’m not doing anything special at work. This stuff dries to a matte finish and lasts all day. It is very blendable and with the million colors that it offers, it makes color matching fool proof!

Makeup Forever Mat Velvet +: Sweet Baby Jesus. This. Stuff. So the Mat Velvet part? 100% true. I have no idea what the + is but it must be made of unicorns, angel fairies, and puppies because that’s how happy it makes me. My skin looks FLAWLESS in this stuff. I got my oily skinned bestie, Genna hooked on this stuff too and we’ve never looked back.

Chanel Mat Lumiere: This is one of those products that makes you cry. From happiness cause it’s amazing and from sadness that it costs so much money. I might use this stuff once a year but it’s still incredible. It really does last forever and give you a finish of makeup that Kim Kardashian would be jealous of. Completely matte, full coverage, and just dang beautiful.



Rimmel Stay Matte: The story is all in the name! This product stays matte all day long and really does it’s job. The only downside is that their isn’t a lot of color choices with this one but it is such a beautiful product!

Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder: Woah. What a name. Urban Decay is really stepping up their game in skin products and this one is awesome! Don’t be afraid of the white color, this means that it can be used on anyone! White powders are incredibly fine and really help mattify the face.


NYX Set it, Don’t Fret it: Man oh man do I love this baby. This stuff never lets me down. I wouldn’t say the finish is COMPLETELY matte though. I always pull for this stuff to be used all over my face because it shuts down oil and doesn’t make me feel cakey at all.

Makeup Forever HD powder: This really is the holy grail of setting powders. If you want a totally matte finish and boy oh boy do I say TOTALLY matte finish, this guy is the one for you. Completely matte and the HD quality makes it perfect for pictures. I always use this product on my brides or if I have a photoshoot. The colorless/white powder aspect also makes it incredibly fine, completely eliminating the “powdery” look most powders give.


Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray – The cool thing about this setting spray is that it helps your makeup last, it does not move anywhere, and it keeps you from being oily all night long. The cool thing about setting sprays is that they help not only your foundation set in place, but your powders, eye makeup, everything!

NYX Matte Finish Spray – This stuff is so great for such a great deal! It keeps your makeup in place and fights oilyness by keeping all of your makeup super matte and super flawless!

My personal favorite combo is Benefit Porefessional + Makeup Forever Mat Velvet Plus + NYX Set it, Don’t Fret It + Urban Decay De-Slick = I look FAB all night long!

Woah. That was alot of information. Hope I helped all my oily-skinned divas!




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