Lazy Sunday – Oscars Edition

I love the Oscars. Okay to be fair I love award shows in general and the Oscars take the cake. They are the super bowl of fashion, makeup, and hair. I loved every second of tonight.

I give you, my favorite Oscar looks!


Jennifer Lawrence
Designer: Dior
Jewelry: Neil Lane
Makeup: Glowing skin, minimal eyes with eyeliner being the focus & soft lips
Why I love it: The color of this dress has the potential to be disastrous but it’s done so beautiful that it compliments her skin and doesn’t clash with the red carpet. This sunset color of orange is stunning and it truly couldn’t shape her body better. Also, she fell again this year. I love this woman.


Lupita Nyong’o
Designer: (custom made) Prada
Jewelry: Fred Leighton
Makeup: Flawless skin, smokey eye, and a soft focus on the lip. So classic. So perfect.
What I love: First of all, she’s from Kenya so ya’ll know I love that. But this dress. Sometimes when you go simple with a dress, you go boring but this is the complete opposite of that. Not only does she do the plunging neckline well but the flowy waves of the dress reminds us of the sweet innonence that Lupita brings with her. She is truly elegant and SHE WON AN OSCAR! She is the greatest.


Kerry Washington
Designer: Jason Wu
Jewelry: Jennifer Meyer
Makeup: Winged eyeliner & a berry lip. THIS IS WHY SHE’S MY FAVORITE, people.
Why I love it: Honestly, she looks better pregnant than I will ever look in my best physical shape, ever. She is classy as it’s core and she radiates joy. Being pregnant, she could have gone with something so much more underwhelming but she still chose to add a slit and pop it with bling in the center and the shoes. She does sexy pregnant so well. You go girl.


Sandra Bullock
Designer: Alexander McQueen
Makeup: Smokey eye & a nude lip.
Why I love it: This dress gives her the shape that all women want. I love the hair because it just accentuates the elegance of this dress. Nothing overwhelms the other. The smokey eye brings out the dark tones of this dress and it seems like she was styled to the very last detail, including those beautiful nails!


Charlize Theron
Designer: Dior
Makeup: Bronzy skin & eyes, winged eyeliner, & peach lips.
Why I love it: Okay let’s just all say it together: sexy. How one person can be that sexy without any actual cleavage? I think Charlize could teach a class on how to be a total fox. I love the mermaid style dress with beautiful designing on the bottom. Black is and will always be classic and beautiful. Perfect choice, sister.


Kate Hudson
Designer: Versace Atelier
Makeup: Super sultry smokey eye, glowing/flawless skin, and a nude lip.
Why I love it: There is not ONE thing I don’t LOVE about this ensemble. I literally cannot stop staring at her dress. The champagne color screams “Look at me, I am classier and more beautiful than you will ever be” and it’s so ironic because Kate Hudson is the opposite of conceited. She is annoyingly loveable. The plunging neckline was a huge trend at the Oscars this year but she did it best. She highlights her incredible waist all while letting the bottom of her dress cascades behind her. And can we take about 20 years to talk about her actual face and makeup and hair? Her makeup perfectly accentuates her piercing eyes and that hair tells us that not only is Kate someone who can’t be ignored but won’t be even if we tried to. Essentially, Kate is perfect and I want to be her and she was my favorite and I’m dropping the mix because I’ll never be even a 1/100th of her perfection.

That’s all I’ve got. Who was your favorite this year?




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