10 makeup brushes that will save your life.

Alrighty, I know what you’re thinking.

I don’t even use makeup brushes.

And my little makeup artist heart is sinking.

Yall, brushes will always make the biggest difference in the world.

Not only will your products look better but they will last longer and you can do more with them!

Here are the top 10 that you need and how to use them!


Face Brushes:

1) Kabuki Foundation Brush (my favorite) – There is no better brush to apply liquid foundation with than a Kabuki brush! You dot the foundation all over your face and then swirl it in, it works wonders!  You can also use this brush to apply powder. You simply press the brush into your face instead of swirling.

Sigma F80 (favorite)

Sedona Lace (cheaper option)

2) Powder Brush – Another multi-use brush! A big powder brush can swirl powder all over your face but it can be also used to apply your bronzer/contour shade! Just make sure that you don’t mix the two.

Sigma F20

ELF Studio Complexion Brush

3) Blush Brush – Most of you actually have a blush brush and I am proud of you. That pink/red/purple shade has a specific place and purpose, let the blush do the work and don’t end up looking crazy with it all over your face!

Sigma F10

Elf Blush Brush

4) Highlighter/Setting Brush – This brush can be used to set your under eye concealer because usually that stuff is known to crease! It will be a precise application and I recommend tapping it underneath, not swirling so you don’t move the product. It can also be used to highlight the cheekbones!

Sigma F35

Elf Tapered Brush

Eye brushes:

5) Fluffy Blending Brush (my favorite)- This brush is the greatest. Whenever you’re doing eye make up you never want your darkest color and lightest color to touch. So you use an in between shade to blend them together, this is the brush for that shade!

Sigma E40

Sedona Lace Tapered Blending

6) Smaller Blending Brush – When working in the crease of your eye, this brush will blend out literally any mistakes that you make. Blended eye shadow is always prettier and this brush is seriously fool proof!

Sigma E25

Coastal Scents 

7) Shading Brush – This is the best color to use on your lid. Whether it’s shimmery, matte, or loose – this brush can handle the job.

Sigma E55

Elf Eyeshadow Brush

8) Pencil Brush – Pencil brushes are so versatile. You can use them to apply a dark color in your crease and then blend it out, or you can use it for eyeliner, or you can use it to highlight your inner corner. I love this brush!

Sigma E30

Sedona Lace 904

9) Eyeliner Brush – What is this, an eyeliner brush? Ya’ll. Trust me. Using a brush is so much easier. You can dip it into liquid, gels, or pencils and it makes eyeliner so much easier. Just go buy it, already.

Mac 266 (*this one is so much better but it’s a tad pricey**)

Sigma E65

10) Due eyebrow & spoolie brush – We have got to start loving our brows. They are so sad that they are being neglected. A double ended brush can help you apply your color to your brow and then blend it out!

Anastasia Duo Angled/Spooley Brush

Sedona Lace EB 17

I hope that was helpful! I use these 10 brushes on every single one of my clients and I would be lost without them in my own life!



P.S. I really want to start filming videos but it’s like incredibly scary and overwhelming but I would do it if I felt like it would be more helpful! If you read this and you want me to start filming beauty videos, let me know!


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