Prom Survival Kit


Kit Essentials:

Tide to go pen – we ate at my prom, and if this is the case at yours, don’t let it anything ruin your beautiful dress!

Deodorant – Let’s not play around, ladies. That dance floor isn’t gonna be owned by anybody but you so make sure your not stinking it up.

Mini perfume – Going with the one above, bring a little spray of your favorite perfume and keep that just got ready scent, all night!

Bobby pins – Again with the dancing. You never know when a little hair step might step out of line.

Blotting paper or powder – Whatever floats your boat. Oily skin is annoying and makes your pictures look like dinner theater is happening on your forehead. Either one of these will help you fight those shine spots!

Lip stain/gloss – I would recommend something like the Maybelline Color Elixir, it goes on like a lipgloss but comes through like a lipstick. And it’s tiny, yay!

Kleenex – Nothing’s worse than a booger on prom. Okay this probably won’t happen to you but I feel like Kleenex are necessary in every situation. The zombie apocalypse will happen and I’ll be running out of my house like, “WAIT, LET ME GRAB THE BOX OF KLEENEX!”

Honorable Mention Essentials:

Double sided tape – Ask your mom about why you’ll need this one.

Energy bar – Especially if your prom doesn’t have food, even if you eat before you might be starving after prom is over and drive thrus don’t let limos come through…so make sure you eat enough!

All of these can fit in a normal sized clutch, you don’t need full size of any of them just enough to cover an emergency. I was not that prepared person in highschool. My friend Kaci Dobbs (Mayfield) was. She literally had EVERYTHING whenever someone on our dance team needed something. So maybe you’ll be that girl? I don’t know. But now that I’m an adult, I would so much rather have it together like Kaci than be a hot mess express.

For all of you wonderful how much of a babe I was at prom. Check me out.


Orange Dress. Copious amounts of shimmery eyeshadow. No eyebrow filling whatsoever. Someone help me. Also, what is that hair doing in front of my face? GET IT TOGETHER, 18 year old Crissy.

Hope this was helpful and I hope you have SO much fun at your prom/banquet/formal!



p.s. – I plan on doing a wedding day survival kit, but it will be MUCH longer!

For all beauty questions & makeup artist inquries, feel free to email me –


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