Dreams coming true, hopes turning into a reality.

I’m sitting at the same table where I sat almost two years ago and spoke to my Kenyan dad about his dream to build a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.

Since that day, we’ve been talking and dreaming and planning for this center. Since that day, we’ve sent so many emails and had hundreds of conversations about our dreams.
Since that day, we’ve prayed and hoped for what would come from this center.
Since that day, Elijah has passed away but his dream is living on.
Since that day, we have been so joyful about the day that we will break ground for the rehab center.

Well today was that day. We prayed over the land, we broke ground on the land, and we started what will be the Elijah Wachirah Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Center.

Praying over the land, watching Elijah’s dreams come true right in front of our eyes was overwhelming. It was beautiful and it was incredibly surreal.

My Kenyan momma came up to me and said “I always wondered how this center would go on without Daddy but I know that He was here looking down on us. He was here with us the entire time.”

Everyone worked and dug for a dream that wasn’t even theirs. They sweated, got sunburned, and pushed through it all to work hard for people that they will most likely never meet.

It was such a picture of the gospel. Honestly there were a lot of moments where people didn’t have stuff to do because the Kenyans were doing most of the work because honestly they are professionals (lol). But through all of that, our entire team wanted to work. If someone didn’t have a shovel, they wanted one, if someone wasn’t cutting down a tree, they were pulling the trees away. The willingness to serve was overwhelmingly beautiful.

I think I’ll remember today for the rest of my life. Today our team made history and they all have etched something on my heart that will never go away.

I’m really in awe of our Savior tonight. I’m in awe of His faithfulness, His provision, and His overwhelming love.



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