Today we worked all day long at the medical clinic and it was just humbling and really full of Jesus. I’ve worked a medical clinic before, I know how it works.

But today was different. Today we were all reminded that the medicine is not what heals these people, that we are not what brings hope, and that God always gets the glory.

Watching our team serve over 200 people was such a gift to my heart. It was such a reminder that when you are doing something for His glory, He truly renews and strengthens you.

The majority of our team didn’t eat lunch until 3 or 4 o clock. But none of them complained, they just kept going. They tested, gave medicine, and entertained the kids while the parents were getting treated.

They knew the job they had to get done and they were determined to keep working until everyone was tested and everyone was given the treatment that they needed.

What I was reminded of all day was humility. Today could have been a day where people got glory for themselves. Where they were proud of what they did. But that never happened once.

Everyone continually served and did so with such a humble heart. I think it’s because we knew today wouldn’t have happened without Jesus. We wouldn’t be in Kenya without Jesus, we wouldn’t have lasted all day with barely any food without Jesus.

He was our sustainer and our portion today. He filled us up and met our needs. Through His power we made it through the day and for that, we are broken and humbled.

I don’t even understand today. How faithful He was in purchasing the supplies, bringing the people, and giving us all strength.

He made today happen in such a way that we get no glory, which is the most beautiful part I think.

“He must become greater; I must become less.” John 3:30

Thanks for the prayers & love,



One thought on “Humility.

  1. What a beautiful picture of the love of our Savior, who humbled Himself for us. It’s amazing that the more given, the more the waters flow, ebb and tide, back and forth, and before you know it, you’ve experienced a sacred love that runs deep. Blessings are the same way – borh from the Lord, and sacred, transcending our fleshly selves. How awesome that you can see it in action. Love, Blessings, peace and the joy of the Holy Spirit be on all of you there. God is so good! Thanks for taking time to share. Di~ ” )

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