The freak flag.

I think writers (also insert preachers/speakers/storytellers) have this uncanny ability to remember things that have happened throughout their life so they can write about it later. Which is funny because I can remember things that happened when I was 12 but I actually forgot that I showered the other day until later that day I touched my hair and realized it was wet.

So don’t you want to know what this story is about? It’s pretty funny so don’t be drinking anything that you don’t mind spitting out.

I’m 17 and I’m with my best friend, Genna. We are old enough to go NRH20, the local waterpark, without our parents and we are thrilled. We spend the whole day being idiot teenage girls, chugging dippin dots, and laying out every chance we get. Because what is being a teenager about if you’re not burnt to a crisp EVERY single day of summer?

Well this particular day we were being super cool and hanging out in the wave pool right by the wave maker. Any self respecting water park goer knows that hanging out closest to the wave pool yields the raddest waves and absolute certainty of getting sucked underneath the water. Near drowning was all the rage in 2007.

So there we are, on our inter tubes, by the waves, and of course I get sucked underneath. I come back up, all smiles because I survived the massive undertaking that is an amusement park wave machine. I was awesome. Then out of nowhere I hear this boy shout “OH MY GOSH WHAT’S ON YOUR FACE?” and I kid you not I immediately went underneath the waves. Like no hesitation, put my head underwater, disappeared and wiped my face down.

In case you’re wondering, it was a gigantic line of snot from my nose to my chin that I guess happened during my epic wave experience. It was disgusting.

What was Genna doing during all of this? Well of course she was laughing her tail off.

And then asked if I was okay. And laughed some more.

I call that the great snot story of 07. Okay no I don’t but it has haunted me for years.

To this day, I still give my face an incredible wipe down after diving in a pool.

Today it reminded me that when we are faced with something that other people find appalling (or in this case, really freaking gross) our immediate reaction is to run away and get rid of that thing.

In some cases, like the snot one, that’s probably okay. But in other cases, sometimes you need to own it.

I would like to use the term used by Luke Wilson in one of my favorite movies ever, The Family Stone, “You have a freak flag, you just don’t fly it.”

We all have a freak flag people, and it’s okay to let it fly.

There is not one person in my life that doesn’t do something that I think is weird. Everyone I know has something about them that they do or think that I don’t understand. AND THAT’S OKAY.

You know why? Because I do about 4 million things that are weird to my friends. I’ll list some of them here.

– Watch the same movie or read the same book over and over and over and over again because I liked it so much. (In case anyone wonders if I have an addictive personality…)

– Smell my dogs feet. Okay as dog owners go, I know this is pretty normal but to my friends, it’s weird. His feet smell good. And I like to smell them. LET IT FLY, BABY!

– Cry at pretty much anything remotely sad or sweet. Like things that normal people go “aw” about, I cry about. I cry all the time. It’s gonna be so fun when I’m pregnant because apparently hormones get out of control and I’m just so pumped to see what I cry over then. Future husband will love me for sure.

– Laugh at my own jokes. Okay everyone does this and even though we all do it, it IS weird but I guess it’s healthy that we have good self esteem.

– Get stressed out for no reason. It’s actually kind of funny which is why I included it. Because I’ll get super stressed out and then try to fix the problem on my own. Enter the time when we were checking our bags for Kenya through the kiosk and they said we could only have (1) bag and we were promised (2). I was soaking wet sweaty (not an exaggeration) in 20 minutes. All could have been avoided if I would have just talked to the check in guy.

– Research every single question ever. Like if you ever ask me a question and I don’t know the answer, I will be on google immediately. I know this is annoying, I want you to know that I know this. I just HAVE to know the right answer. I’m trying to be better about not telling you the right answer though, sometimes that can be demeaning and I recognize that.

….if we’re having an intense argument though…I’ll probably gloat a little. Oops.

– I am an extrovert and also an introvert. My mother calls this an “expressed introvert” but seriously? I’m not an introvert. Lolz. I legitimately enjoy being loud and outgoing and meeting new people but if I don’t have 1 hour or sometimes even one day to myself a week, I will punch everyone in sight. I know all of you mothers are saying “WAIT TILL YOU HAVE KIDS, SISTER!” Well I don’t and I want alone time so yeah. When I have kids I’ll blog about 24 year old me and how easy life was, deal?

– I eat baby dill pickles like they’re candy. Everyone gives me strange looks when I do this so I’m guessing it’s a little weird.

– Again with the dog. I really wish he could talk. I know it’s impossible but a small part of me wonders if he’s the only one who understands me.

– I twirl my nose ring constantly. If you have driven past me, I AM NOT PICKING MY NOSE I SWEAR (okay there is like a 2% chance that could be the case but stop judging me because you’ve done it). But mostly it’s a just a habit that I’ve had for like….5 years now?

– I love young adult novels. I know everyone does but seriously I’m 24 and these books are about teenagers. I don’t care though because THEY ARE SO FREAKING GOOD. Also, I’ve cried bawled in every series I’ve read so yes that includes but isn’t limited to Twilight, Hunger Games, and DUH The Fault in Our Stars.

Maybe you don’t think any of these things are weird…that’s fine. Maybe I’m one of those annoying people who says “ISN’T THAT SO WEIRD?!” when in reality, 5 billion other people have that same habit. I don’t know. But I’m being real with ya’ll, so love me through it.

My point is…whatever is weird about you shouldn’t be something that you hide or that you’re scared of. I tend to me more quiet in big groups of people that I’ve never met because I’m worried they won’t think my humor or my gigantic laugh is funny/cool/socially acceptable but that doesn’t make any sense. If people like this warped view of you, then they don’t really like you.

EVERYONE has a freak flag. Even the coolest people you could think of. Like sometimes I wonder what Anjelina Jolie’s freak flag is. Does she binge watch Modern Family over and over again while eating pistachios in her pjs? Like what is her weird little habit? Maybe she chews on her hair. I don’t know. But I know she has one.

How do I know? Because she’s a human.

We’re all a little weird and that’s just fine.

Warning though, if your weirdness has you thinking that killing puppies would be fun or something, go get that checked out. Also, if it’s snot of your face, wipe it off.

But for reals, don’t hide your weirdness once it’s exposed, LET THAT BABY FLY! Show people what makes you, YOU and don’t apologize for it. Flying your flag gives people permission to fly theirs and it’s so beautiful and awesome when that happens.


Happy Friday, peeps!




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