Shift your view.

I think the hardest part of life is the in between, the almost there, and the patience it takes to navigate those moments.

Knowing that certain things will happen but they haven’t happened yet.

And then wondering if they will happen altogether.

I am totally and 100% there. Pretty much every part of my life is a middle right now, where I have this picture of how life could turn out but in all honesty, I don’t really know.

It’s not that I care about the outcome, I just wish I knew the outcome.  There is all this frustration in not knowing. Walking forward hoping it will all be okay, all without actually knowing what all of it is.

Is this making any sense?

Life, for most people, has a pretty steady progression. You grow up, you work, you fall in love, you get married, you have babies, you live your dreams, etc.

Most of the (american) population (86%) will get married and (80%) will have babies – these are pretty much norms. Societal norms nonetheless, but hey still norms.

And again, most (94%) will have a job. This isn’t so much as a societal norm as it is a need to survive.

So for most of life’s normal progressions, it’s not really a WILL it happen but WHEN. And the “but when?” part of life is where people lose their will to keep waiting.

I know for me, I doubt the now because the later hasn’t happened.

I doubt God is good because my life doesn’t look the way I think it should.

And then in the midst of my complain-a-thon, I’m reminded that not only is my Savior good but He is faithful.

He is faithful because He is here. In every moment, in every single thing I’m apart of, He is there right beside me.

And out of nowhere, I see His fruit in my life. I see my non-profit that while small is gaining so much support and love, I see people trusting me to make them beautiful and complimenting me on my work, and I see the incredibly graceful gift of getting work with my sister and best friend.

Life has a way of being incredibly tough when we think it’s tough. And then when we think life is beautiful, it gets beautiful.

It has nothing to do with life and has everything to do with your view.

You can choose to see all the things that lack in your life and your life might seem pretty crappy. Or you can choose to see where God is revealing Himself to you every single day.

Maybe it’s the cup of coffee that you love or that song that you cannot stop singing or that nail polish that makes you feel like a total babe. My favorite quote is “not every day is good but there is good in every day.”

Shift your view. Find your joy.

This will be a daily struggle for me as I search out all the ways my Savior loves me but I’m humbled to be given the task.

Life is interesting. Life is weird. Life is constantly changing.

Stop focusing on how you could make your own life better and see how incredible it already is.




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