Tune my heart to sing thy grace.


Writing is a lot like anything else that people love to do. You only write when you need to, not because you have to.

And today I need to write.

It’s this place where I’m free. I’m free to search out places in my mind that I can’t express in any other medium.

For me, it’s a lot like the ocean. It’s undiscovered, it’s deep, and it’s soothing.

My writing could go anywhere and it could be anything – but no matter what it is, it shows me how to be free. In my writing, I feel no chains and I feel no weight.

Much like floating in the ocean. It’s terrifying, really. To float in the ocean and not be able to touch. To be carried out into sea with no knowledge of where you are going.

But at the same time, it’s thrilling. The ocean is beautiful and fascinating and 95% of it is undiscovered. You could die, you could live, you could find something you’ve never seen before.

Unfortunately, you’ll find nothing in the ocean if you stay on land. If you never leave the safety of the shore, you’ll never see what’s out there. You won’t get beat up by a wave, you won’t swallow sea water, and you definitely won’t confuse a dolphin for a shark and almost cry.

Such is life, of course.

Everyday we go out in the world, we give ourselves to people and we let them in our little corner and show them around. Sometimes it hurts really bad, sometimes it feels really great, and other times we are just staying afloat.

Living your life, letting people in, trusting the world, is painful and scary and also beautiful.

Sometimes we tear ourselves down for getting beat up by a wave BUT WE ARE IN THE OCEAN, PEOPLE. We are out in the world and we are living – we didn’t stop swimming.

We are out here living our lives and then horrible things happen. People die. Jobs are lost. Kids get hurt. But we are still here. We keep showing up.

That is such a victory.

Give yourself some grace. So you didn’t run the whole 5k, you walked for like an hour – I’m so proud of you. So your hair is a mess, you got out of bed and went to a job to work for your family- I’m so proud of you. So you messed up again, you fell off the wagon, you asked for help and you’re still fighting – I’m so proud of you.

We need to remember that life is hard and grace is good. Grace reminds us that we are not perfect and that’s okay.

I just wish I had someone reminding me that even though it feels like I’m drowning, I am still out here. Showing up. Every day.

Keep getting up and keep going because grace is there for you when you fall. You will fall and that’s totally fine. I’ll be down there laughing with you cause Lord knows I never see the curb.

Turn your heart to sing His grace today. For yourself, for others. We all need large doses of that stuff.




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