Stop and smell the roses.

I think it’s important to end every year on a good note even if you feel like it’s been a rough year. In my mind, finding the good in the past 12 months will help silence the negativity.

So I hope you don’t see this post as a “look how awesome my life is” – cause many many MANY times this year, I did not feel awesome. Today’s post will be a reminder to myself of all the good that is in my life.

These are not in order of importance, by the way. They are all wonderful and equally awesome.

10. Friggin travel. Man travel gets my heart going.  This year I got to go to Kenya (twice), Florida, Chicago, and a cruise with my fam.

girls florida1 florida



9. This year some of the greatest people I know and myself started a non-profit and we took our first team of 16 people to Kenya this year. That was a tenderness I can’t even begin to explain.


8. We started building the rehab center that my Kenyan dad dreamed up two years ago. This deserves 20 million blogs.


7. Got to do makeup almost every single weekend in the spring. When I started doing makeup artistry a year and a half ago, I had no idea that it would take off the way that it has. I love my brides, my clients, and everything about being a makeup artist.

chandrawedding morganmakeupbio

6. Part of going to Kenya included going to Kenya with my best friend and her husband. My heart was melting the whole time. Growing up you don’t know the people that are going to be in your life forever until time passes and they are still there. REALLY thankful for these wonderful human beings. This year they have been better friends to me than I could ever ask or hope.

gennaandcase gennandcase

5. MOVED IN WITH HOOI. Nicole & I went to high school together and we both were ready to move out so we moved in with one another. Living with Nicole has been absolutely incredible. She deserves her own blog post. Her grace, her servant heart, and her loving attitude has been such a breath of fresh air for me. I know it has not been easy to live with me (I’m strong willed, opinionated, neurotic, and just weird sometimes) but she encourages me so well. She is truly such a wonderful human. I couldn’t ask for a better roommate.

hooi hooi1 hooi2

4. Well I sort of fell down this year. And then crawled my way back up. I’m not going to say got back up because I’m not up yet. But I’m not down anymore and that’s really encouraging. I’ve experienced faith in a new way this year. I’ve seen many different perspectives and encountered people that do faith differently. It’s been SO refreshing and eye opening and just really dang cool. Made me super thankful for the internet and community and people that are humble.


3. Got my heart broken. By a guy, by my friends, and by my faith. This kind of goes with number 4 but it deserves it’s own. This year was the first year that a lot of bad things happened to me. It was super weird and super overwhelming but it reminded me of life. It reminded me that suffering can sometime push us to joy. That bad things have to happen sometimes for us to see the good. It gave me perspectacles (a momastery word). As Viktor Frankl would say, “What is to give light must endure burning.”


2. Turned 25. With people I’ve known for 10 years, 5 years, and a couple years. My best friends have stuck with me through so much and I have never felt so much love on a birthday in my whole life. I am so thankful for my people.

25 251 252

1. Celebrated love. This year my friends got married, had babies, moved out, got jobs, got into medical school, started organizations, invented things, wrote books, KEPT LIVING LIFE EVEN THOUGH IT’S REALLY HARD – they did so many things that they’ve wanted to do for so long and I  got to witness it all. How beautiful that we all get to do life together.

wedding wedding1 wedding2 wedding3 wedding4 wedding5 wedding6 wedding7

vine wedding8familyyyyy

This is a little late since it’s the middle of January but who the hell cares? Celebrating is always important to me.

Happy New Year – make your own list and celebrate your life this year!




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