I did a weight loss program where you got “5 pound stars” – so with every 5 pounds loss, you got a sticker to signify your weight loss. You got stickers and keychains for the big things too, you know 10% of weight lost, 25 pounds, etc. but it was very important to them that you celebrated every single part of your journey. Even the small ones.

I think it’s time we start doing that with our healing.

Often times our healing feels and looks like a marathon. You want time to pass but you also don’t understand how you will EVER be over this thing.

Each day is easier (sometimes) but goodness gracious, how many days will there be? And in those moments of looking back, we’ve barely inched. WE’VE BARELY HEALED.

What the heck, soul? Come on.

But I think it’s time we start celebrating every damn inch.

Because one day all those inches will add up to a whole freaking marathon. And look at you, YOU DID IT! You’ve moved a whole inch today. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU.

Every single moment of healing is monumental and important deserves to be celebrated. You deserve to be celebrated.

In that same weight loss program, they taught us that people who lose weight quickly are more likely to gain that weight back. People who lost slower understood the struggle of weight loss and therefore appreciated it so much more. They understood the true journey that had gotten to them to where they were.

Healing is brutal. But also beautiful. It’s messy. It’s scary. It’s just so many things. Healing means walking away from so much.

When you heal you have to walk away from the bad things that happened to you and the good that happened to you. You have all these memories and all these things tied up in this person or situation and you have to walk away from it all. But it’s so worth it.

The good memories will always be there but they won’t be the ties that bind you anymore.

When you heal you will finally understand freedom. You will finally be able to think about the good times without wanting that person back, you will finally be able to trust people again, and best of all – you will finally be able to love yourself again.

Healing is so wonderful. Scary as hell, ya’ll. But wonderful.

If you moved an inch or even a centimeter today, you deserve a medal. A gold one. That’s huge and beautiful and here’s a podium where we are all clapping for you.

Celebrate every damn inch.




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