Getting shit done in 2017. A how to.

So I haven’t posted to this blog in over a year. I’ve written in the past year but I just haven’t felt inspired to do so.

2016 was hard. It’s taken me a few weeks to fully grasp everything that was that year.

I know that time is relative and a number on a year doesn’t truly make a difference but for me, time and dates have always been something I’ve centered my life around.

I love birthdays, I look forward to trips, and I very specifically plan out my life when I can. So if a certain number of events have taken place in 365 days, I’m going to group them together. 

Last year had it’s ups and it’s downs and I’m ready to write through them. Now that they’re over I’m ready to understand them and heal and grow. Sometimes we have times in our life that don’t make any sense until much later. Okay…most times. 

Hard shit happens to us and with no explanation, everything crumbles. 

As humans, we put this pressure on ourselves to be happy all the time or strong or peaceful.

Well I call bullshit.

I call bullshit to pretending that everything is perfect when it’s not and to acting like I have it together when I don’t. That’s just dumb.

This year I’m making a promise to myself to be the most authentic version of myself, to pursue my goals and my dreams first, and to not have anyone in my life who doesn’t value me and my worth.

How do you do that? Find what you love, find who inspires you, find how to make yourself feel alive. 

I hope you all can make the same promise to yourself and take this journey with me.

2016 is hard. But good news, it’s gone. Forever. Let’s scratch it from the record and start fresh. 

Thanks for being here for the ride, I’m glad you’re with me. 



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