Double bag it.

I like wine. A lot. Usually I buy multiple bottles at once because while I like wine, I don’t love grocery stores and having to go inside a grocery store just for wine is annoying.

I work retail which means I work crazy hours with crazy people and wine is almost always something I need when I get off work. Anyways, you get my point.

Well every time I get wine, they double bag it. They do this because wine is in a glass bottle and it’s heavy and sometimes it could break the normal plastic grocery bag, so sometimes you gotta double bag it to make sure it doesn’t break.

Well sometimes life is like that too. Sometimes you gotta double bag it. And by it, I mean yourself.

Sometimes I get myself into situations I don’t mean to. I look through the world with rose colored glasses, if you’ve read my blogs that might surprise you because to be honest, I’ve been through some shit.

I’ve been hurt a lot but I can’t stop fighting for more. I can’t stop hoping for the best in people and I can’t stop believing that what people show is what they really are.

Unfortunately for me, this isn’t always true. Just because I want the best in people doesn’t mean that they can give it to me and just because I want to believe that people can be more, doesn’t meant that they will give me that.

I often tend to get my heart broken. By men who promise more and speak of better things. I believe that they will walk through with what they’ve said and that they’re actions will back up their words.

I want to believe that they will value me and find worth in my but that isn’t always true.

And that’s okay. People won’t always see how amazing you are, how lovely you are, and how much you matter.

It sucks but it’s okay.

You know why it’s okay?

Because my life is double bagged.

I’ve got the most incredible tribe. I will never be left as broken glass again. I will never fall through the cracks or fall apart ever again.

My tribe finds me and they save me. I’ve got multiple layers of people ready to save me at a moment’s notice and let me tell you there is no better joy.

We all make mistakes. We all trust people we shouldn’t. We all get hurt.

It sucks but it’s okay.

Find the people who wrap you up. Twice.

Just go ahead and double bag it.

I’m not really sure how I would have survived the past year without my tribe and I spend every day living in awe of them. Find your people and let them hold you.

Get you a tribe, it’s worth it.



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