New blooms. 

Gardening is very interesting to me. Mostly because I cannot do it. Very often, I kill any and all house plants and the ones in the yard? With the soil work and tilling (is that a thing?) that needs to be done? Lol. 

That’s funny. Those plants never stand a chance. I truly do not understand how it all works. How different soils foster better results for plants. It’s a mystery to me. Like it’s all soil, why does it matter?

For example, google told me that rose bush soil can affect pH so you have to add things to it to make it more basic or more acidic.

Lost already? Me too.

Long story long, there is this long list of things that must be in the soil to make them grow correctly. The texture has to be correct and of course they have to get the right amount of food and water. 

If not, you could have the most BEAUTIFUL roses that will never bloom or grow. The potential is there but they will never reach it because the soil is all wrong. 

You could be thinking okay I have some soil and water and sun, why isn’t this working? 

Because what works for other plants do not work for roses. Roses work better in different soil and while that can be frustrating to figure out, once you learn that, you will get new and beautiful blooms.

Sometimes we encounter people that we desperately want to grow with. We see their potential and we see how wonderful we could be together, whether that be in friendship or relationship but for some reason it just doesn’t work out.

For some reason we keep giving them second and third and fourth chances, and they keep hurting us. And sometimes it’s not even on purpose.

And I just got to thinking that maybe sometimes our blooms were not meant for some people’s soil.

People are much more complicated than flowers but when we look at like this, it’s an easier picture to understand. Not everything works out in some friendships and relationships and it’s not because anyone is bad, sometimes people just don’t work.

I tend to replant a lot. Even when the soil is rejecting it. I just want to believe in people enough that they can live up to who I think they are or who I think we could be together.

But it’s just not always true. And when your roses aren’t blooming, there isn’t something wrong with the roses, there’s something wrong with the soil. 

It’s okay to plant in a new place. It’s okay to get new soil. It’s okay to start over. And most of all, it’s okay to walk away.

Walking away doesn’t mean you’re mad or upset or even giving up, it just means the garden you were trying to plant isn’t meant for you. 

Maybe that soil is meant for someone else and that’s okay. 

Life is painful and losing people is hard. But being disappointed and bitter? That’s harder.

That pain of constantly being hurt by someone is never an easy burden to bear and sometimes you just gotta walk away. 

Love yourself enough to know that you’ll be okay, even if it’s just you. You’ll be okay without that relationship or that friendship or even that job. Love yourself enough to let yourself bloom. 



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