My name is Crissy Cano. I have four passions in life, let’s all breathe that in together. I fly by the seat of my pants which sometimes means I make rash decisions. But hey, YOLO, am I right?

I love Jesus. A piece of my heart will always remain in Kenya, Africa. I could dance all day every day, specifically hip hop. To answer your question, yes, I am indeed a thug. And lastly, I have an unhealthy obsession with all things makeup. So therefore, I am an aspiring Christian makeup artist who loves Africans and dance. That’s me and that’s who I am. I realize it’s a weird combination but I have a feeling that God might have something up his sleeve. Hang out with me as I figure all that out.

If you have accidentally stumbled on my blog, I hope you’ll enjoy yourself. My posts will consist of the above four topics and truly everything in between.



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